What languages do you learn at school? English

What languages do you learn at school?

I already finished my education and I was learning English and French. Here in Poland you can also choose German or Spanish and in some schools Russian.

i'm learning English, French and Spanish at school. I've also learnt Latin for two years... and you can also learn Italian, Russian or Greek.

i'm learning french , german, english & dutch. You can also learn spanish

I'm learning English, Frech and Latin..

im learning Japanese. 🙂

In my school, you have the options of learning American Sign Language, French, Chinese, and Spanish. Other American schools offer other languages, it just depends on where you go. 😁
In my case, I'm learning French this year, and then I'm taking Chinese next year.

I'm learning german dutch french and english
in some schools you also can learn spanish

I used to learn Spanish apart from English at middle school, but being our school system of the Stone Age and me at high school, the only language available is English. In my school there are also courses of various languages, but you have to pay for them...at least we could have lessons of them during our regular schooldays and not in the afternoons.

I learn English & Russian.
You can also study French, Spanish, Italian, Germany and Latin here.

We study Persian,English and Arabic at school.
there are language instituets that we can go after school.
They teach English,Spanish,Russian,French,German,Chinese,Japanese and Korean.

Thanks for your answers.

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i'm learning french, english, dutch, german, greek and latin

I'm learning French, English, Dutch and Latin, but I've learnt German for 2,5 years

During my period of school I learnt English and Spanish and by myself a few japanese, chinese and I try to learn many others languages.
In french primary school you can learn english in thirst and fourst year sometimes and in Comprehensive School and College you can learn german, Spanish greek.
In university you can learn sometimes that you want to learn.

I'm learning French at school and on my own i'm learning Latin, Dutch, Spanish (Latin American), Russian etc.

i'm learning french italian english and latin

English and Swedish. And I start to learn German

i my school you ca learn , french , spanish , german and russia