how many of language you speak, you learn you interest ? English

My i speak a language the french , i learn 4 languages : English , Spanish , Russian , Arabic and i'm interest by 30 languages the English , Spanish , Russian , Arabic it is in the list of 30 languages.

PS : If i have made a mistake i want to know.

I can speak finnish, mandarin chinese and english pretty much. But I still learnin: german, mandarin chinese, english, swedish and I will start spanish, latin and french (:

Interessant , a solution for learn the french , learn the transparent word example :

1.English : Plano French : Piano
2.English : Guitar French : Guitare
3.English : Important French : Important
4.English : Park French : Parc
5.English : Interessant French : Interessant
6.English : Detail French : Détail
7.English : Republic French : République
8.English : Politic French : Politique
9.English : France French : France
10.English : Language Français : Langue (language exist too in french)
List no complet.


he exist of false friend example :

1.Actually translate possible in french véritable or réelle.
For the false friend the definition is not equal.

the best solution to have a basic knowledge of french, italian, spanish, romanian and portuguese is to learn latin 😉

I like your solution , what is it the basic knowledge in foreign language for you ?

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being romanian and having romanian as a native language it helped in learning french ( many words are derived from french or just simillar) and even if i can't really speak the other main Romance languages (italian,spanish,portuguese) i can understand them very well. As for english, I learned it in school as I study it for 10 years now.

Because you say the main romance languages ?

What is it a main language for you ?

Main romance languages : French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Catalan. Secondary romance language: Corsican, Emiliano-Romagnolo, Galician, Gascon, Lombard, Mirandese, Occitan, Piedmontese, Aromanian, Sardinian, Sicilian, Venetian, Asturian, Neapolitan and Friulian.

The secondary ones are dialectes are more or less derived from latin , that's why i barely understand them..which is not the case for the main ones.

For the secondary romance language i'm learn that today thank.

i speak Dutch, english little bit german and i learn German, spanish und italian.

I can speak finnish and english pretty much.
I'm learning: English, swedish
And I want to learn: Korean and Chinese

I can speak dutch and I'm learning english, french and german

1. English which is my second language.

I study English and French
And I want to learn German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch

I can speak hungarian (as a native-language), english, german, and little japanese.

I'm learning japanese, and I'd like to learn vietnamese.

I speak dutch and a little english, french, latin and ancient greek. I'm learning dutch, english, french and soon german.
I'd like to learn every language in the world but that is impossible!

I'm Italian, and I speak English pretty well, then I studied Spanish too but I'm not as good as I am at English...
I'm also studying Latin and ancient Greek at school.
And I'd really like to learn German and Russian!
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