Your favourite movie English

I love Lord of the Rings movies.
ME TOO!!! I can't wait for The Hobit movie!

omg there's too many....pretty much anything by Mel Brookes is a guarenteed laugh so i'll go with that 🙂

House MD

mine are "pretty woman", tim burton's movies (every body like them 🙂 ) specially "Sweeney Todd" and "the nightmare before christmas", "forest gump" and "the body guard"... Only movies which make me cry...

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my fav movie is letters to juliet. it is sooooo cute, and the guy, Charlie, has pretty eyes. tt1

Hey !

That is an hard question ! My favorites movies are :

- Shelter
- Avatar
- Lord of the rings movies
- Milk
- Invictus
- The golden compass / Narnia world

And I am hurry to see The Last Airbender

I love Tim Burton's movies (Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Big Fish, The Nightmare before Christmas...).

I like also Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this movie is unbelievable =); The Truman Show; In the Name of the Father (a masterpiece); Young Victoria; Juno ...

i have i lot of favourite films but i love "wir kinder vom bahnof zoo" and "Requiem for a dreams"

The Clockwork Orange

My favourites movies ? Oh, a lot !
Fight Club, the best of all the movies over the world !!
Into The Wild ( wonderfull !! )
Big Fish ♥
Mirror Mask
( hey, if you wanna speak about this movies, let me a comment )

Maybe "the devil's advocate", but i'm not sure. There's a lot of movie that i love 001_huh
Goodfellas, amarcord, coffee and's hard!
Yeah right! Even fight club it's awsome.

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"La bataille d'Alger"
"Man on fire"
"blood diamond"

"Jeepers Creepers" : D

Twilight New Moon, Brave heart and Titanic

District 9, Toy story and School for scoundrels 😛

My favourite movies are:
All Harry Potter movies
Narnia & Prince Caspian
The Golden Compass
Spiderman 3

(Is anyone here as excited as I am about the new Harry Potter movie?? It's coming out in November!!<3)

ME ME , I can't wait for the new Harry Potter movie "I forgot to say it's one of my fav movies too"

I like "New moon"and"Twilight"

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