How Do You See France ? English

Hey Everybody !
I'm a French Girl who loves travelling !
(Sorry if I make mistakes !)
And lots of people say that they see France as THE romantic country, particularly Paris, as the romantic city.
But I'd like to have YOUR vision of France.
Don't hesitate to be straight ! I'm not a patriotic girl 😉

See you soon.

Pauline. 🙂

i see France in north STRASBOUR ,MULHOUSE , Lile . from sud nice, marseille, cannes; i think that french is a cute country to pass holyday but i like north it's very nice in winter i like SKI and (le jus d'orange chaud )lool

France is viewed as incredibly romantic (paris bien sur!) mais aussi incredibly stuck up. there is a real dichotomy in how it is viewed in the states. (qu'est-ce que le jus d'orange chaud?!)

it's warm orange juce it's juce has sold in ALSACE at winter because the weather is very cold

France? well, romantic. 😁

Definitely my first choice to live in the West Europe (:

Well, ...
very romantic but also kind of stuck up.
I have heard that the French are supposed to be stuck up, but every French person I have talked to on this site is very friendly. (:

Thanks for your answers everybody =)
I have a little question = what is the meaning of "stick up" ?! (Sorry of the answer is evident for you all =S ) 😁

And I have another question = What french band or singer do you know ?

It is "stuck up", kinda like snobby, snob.

Well in my french class last year we listened to french rap! I liked it. (: But I don't know their name.
I have heard of Cote de Pirate <<< I think thats the name..

I've been in France, Paris, i loved it! I think french ppl are very polite and friendly! and french as a language is sooooo beautiful! 🙂

Oh yes 😁^, I love the French language. (:

Les Français sont tres pretentieux et egoiste. C'est ce «colle» est ou «stuck up»

france elegance

I'm not egoist and pretentious, I hope I'm not TT-TT
It's note "cote de Pirate" but "Coeur de Pirate"
My view of France.... .Ii live in a country.. So it's not glorious but I think there is a good atmosphere~~
The West of France is very, very beautiful !
But I can't comparing because I don't know other pays..
French language is Difficult... =)

France was a great country, now it's awful to go there. There are robbers everywhere, streets are not clean, there are strikes everytime, people have a bad behaviour etc...
This country is gong to be a poor country,and it has lost its soul.

It's note "cote de Pirate" but "Coeur de Pirate"
Lol. Oops, I haven't listened to their music in a while, I forgot (:

France is to be gentle ^ ^

hey i'm frenc traveller aswell
and well, not everybody like french people,
they think we are arrogant, rude...(not everybody fortunatly)
actually french who live in france or who are travelling are great, french peoples living overseas are more aroogant and rude that's why