How are tattoos and piercing viewed in your country? English

Lately tattoos and piercings have become more socially acceptable here in the united states. Especially in California (where I live) they are a sign of rebellion and therefore a sign of "coolness". You can see doctors with large tattoos on their back here whereas it was almost impossible to get a job with a visible tattoo a decade ago. I was just curious as to how other countries view tattoos and piercings

I think It is just a way to harm your body.And It really doesnt look cool.Maybe yes,It shows that you are rebellious,but what is good with being rebellious? I can not understand,but of course everyone has free will...

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i agree with er3n...ofc everyone is free to be "cool" (not) but i think it's a stupidity...and in my country most people think the same.

It’s a question of perception really. In Denmark tattoos are considered quite natural, actually they’re so accepted that people only tend to comment on a tattoo if it is of a ‘mainstreamish’ decent (tribals etc) – I personally have a tattoo on my left shoulder-blade. Why I chose to get it is a long story. To sum it up quickly it symbolizes my relation to my siblings, whom I am no longer in any contact with. I believe that tattoos can be quite horrendous and quite beautiful as well. However most people tend to get them due to symbolize a personal experience. I love my tattoo and I’m going to get another one during the 8th of August 🙂

I think tattoos can be a wonderful expression of art. Of course there are people who get them for foolish reasons, but to call the entire art of tattooing stupid is close minded. You don't know what reasons people have for getting a tattoo and people make themselves look ignorant and culturally intolerant when they judge people that they don't even know for choosing to get a tattoo.

I think tattoos can be attractive or ugly, depending on what you have...

I think visible tattoos on women are veryyy unattractive and not classy.
But if it can be hidden (like on your hip or something) its not bad. I will get one on my hip soon...maybe.

But I think tattoos (well done ones, with meaning) on a guy are attractive. Maybe on their upper arms or maybe one on the shoulder.


Just to attract opposite sex,What is so cool with painting your body? And why would you really need to attract other gender ? No needs to tattos,cool hair styles,or showing off your body.If you wanna have good relationships with other people,you gotta do it with your personlity not with your body

I never said its attracted me to people.
I just said it could be attractive on some people.

Tattoos can be beautiful and ugly, but if you get it for a reason that you believe is important....why care what other people think?

I think it's interesting to hear peoples opinions on it. I didn't want to spark any fights or anything so I apologize if anyone has been offended with me or someones response to me. but remember people, there's no need to attack another person's opinion no matter how much you disagree with it.

In Poland tattoos are generally connected with prisoners or people with some ciriminal past. I know it's a stereotype but it's a popular way of thinking here. I wouldn't do a tattoo because maybe in the future I would like to get rid of it and it's quite difficult. But my friend has got two and they are really nice.

More and more people have works of art on their skins: for example sth painted by s.dali. personally i have always sth on my hands and legs but to do my 'tattoo' i use pens 😃 so i have new one every day...😛
I had lyrics of my favourite song 1 week ago and some people asked me whether it was a true tattoo because i wrote it with black pen (depending on what kind of pen you use it can take even 1 hour to wash it) 😃😃😃
My way is cheap, temporary, funny and a little bit pathetic. But if someone is not sure of his perfonality it's better to try with something like that.
Maybe i will pick up some photos to show how it looks like, lol2.

In my country tattoos is just an everyday thing. Some people think its annoying or bad and some think its cool and a way to express yourself. No one thinks very much about it because it is an easy thing to accept, and most persons don't care what you do if you like it. At least I don't.