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    Hello Everyone
    This is Eren
    I'm a Muslim (It means ''one who submits God'', the Creator of heavens and earth, who
    has no partner,no daughter,no him who we will all return)

    No, I am not a terrorist...(I never used any gun in my life)No, I dont oppress any women...(Why I would do it ?)
    No, I am not brainwashed or anything that kind of. Yes it might be true that my brain was washed (cleaned) by Islam but in another meaning then what you thought : )

    In short words, I am just a normal person,.Maybe I just think
    more about life and our existence on this world. Because It doesnt make
    any sense for me to live a life without knowing why you living, whats
    your purpose, where are you gonna go after you you die one day. Do you ever care whats gonna happen if you cant wake up again tomorrow morning alive? Well, you should think about it..I am mostly trying to be optimistic for things in life.I dont care how people look like,Black,white,Asian or European,We are all humans,no one is better than another oneMy life is simple and peaceful,I like it 🙂If you wanna talk, just send a message, dont hesitate : )Stay with peace 🙂