I am looking for people to write letters English

hello everyone, I'm new here. I am looking for people who write letters with me! I would like to learn new languages ​​and see the world!

hello me it is daouda I can help you to learn french and Wolof one of the language of my country. Also it is necessary that you help me to improve my english

hello daouda

super! what country are you from?

Hello guys! I´m new here and I´m interesting in write letters to know the world and learn languages.

Hi ! Im from the netherlands how are you ? Id love to write !

Hi Friends ! I am Aadhil from Sri Lanka . i also interested in writing letters .

I like it too to write with people 🙂🙂

Hi, my name is Lucrezia. I'm 14. I'm from Italy but I speak English (not very well... but okay). I'm looking for person who write letters with me too!

Hello, I'm Adrian, nearly 16 years old and from Germany. I want to improve my english skills and I also speak a bit of french.
I'd be glad to write with you!
Feel free to contact me 😉

Hello 🙂 I´m Annika from Germany. I would love to write letters too. I am 30 years old and I´m interested in different cultures and languages.

Hi! I am Szymon and I am form Poland. I would write letters because I want learn english.

I'm Ann-Kathrin from Germany. I'm 22 years old and I would love to write letters. Feel free to contact me 🙂

Hola todos! I’m Jesús de China. I would like to write letter with someone and keep good relationships with anybody. I like different cultures and interested in different languages. I’m learning Spanish and English now. So if u wanna talk just text me !

Hello, my name is Sandra.
I'm also interested in writing letters to other countries. My native language is German so if you're learning German or want to improve it, I can write German with you.
But in first place I want to improve my English.
Interested ? Then write me 🙂
If we get to know each other better I would also be interested in talking over the phone with you to improve my pronunciation.
Love, Sandra

Hellou I'm also from Germany and I'm new here. So I joined in because I want to improve the languages I do learn right now but also to get to know new languages and of course new people. So if there's anybody who would like to write I'd enjoy it!😊😉

Hi everyone, my name's Carol, and I'm looking for penpals, in order to improve my language skills (I'm fluent in Spanish, upper intermediate level in English, and basic one in German and Italian); so feel free to contact me!!!

Hello everyone!
I'm Ada and I live in Finland. I'd love to write old fashioned letters. I like reading and I'm always ready for an adventure. Animals are also close to my heart and I even own a horse and a cat. If you're intrested, hit me up! 🙂

Hello and good evening to all the comunity of penpalgate!

I want to improve my spanish by writing the classic old-fashioned mail (but also e-mails are ok to me). If someone is interested feel free to write me, in return i can help with italian (my native language, I am also C1 in English).

Talking about hobbies, in my free time I like reading, sports (for example light sport aviation), music and I love to take care of my pets (dog, cats, turtles and parrots). For additional info feel free to check my profile.

All the best,