In which city do you live? English

In which city do you live ? I live in Gorgonzola, a city of twenty-one thousand inhabitants near Milan in Italy.

I'm from Poland. I live in Sopot!

I live in Leeds, its one of the largest city in England but I'm from Poland.



Lublin, in Poland 🤗

I live in Germany in Cologne 🙂

I live in Warsaw. It is the capital city of Poland. Have you ever been to Warsaw?

I'm from Russia and I live in Moscow ✨

Rome, in Italy

I'm from Poland. I live in Sopot!
I was in Sopot, very beauty place 🙂

i live in Novosibirsk. It is in Siberia, in Russia

I live in Tilburg.
It's in the south of the Netherlands.

I live in Hamburg, Germany

I live in Paris in France 🙂 🗼 🇫🇷


Toledo, Spain.

I am from Marl (Kreis Recklinghausen) in Germany.