do u believe in god ? write here why? English

I believe in the God coz this whole universe can not be created by a creature which lives in this world. There must be a creature to create a thing and there is only one God.
As I say, religions use ignorance to persuade. Like this; "we don't know how the universe started, so there is a god".

Science is a duration...

God... We all don't know who God is. He's all and nothing. I'm religious, and I think there is a god and I believe in Jesus, but I also don't know who god is. Who knows if god is like he's described in the bible, maybe he's just... the universe. I don't exactly know how to explain that, I just mean that no person who is alive can describe god and we also can't imagine god like he is.
It isn't possible that everything was created because of coincidence and there are so many completly different legends but they all are about god(s).
And to the question why there's war and so on: God gave the people a freewill... but people are cruel. And god isn't perfect, but he also is perfect - so all I can say about god is: god is all and nothing. But he's there.

yes i belive in god
belive in god is verry importan to us

yes i belive in god
belive in god is verry importan to us
Why d'you think so it is?

kit kit

i dont believe in god he took my love away we was getting marry ths year


yeah I do beleave in god.........abze innocent

Don't believe God of information spaces. (Just like "We don't know how Photosynthesis happens, so there is a God)


Or "I believe in God because the Universe cannot be a 'Coincidence' " Is this a proof? Isn't this also silly? Universe is a natural system and everything is a part of this system. This doesn't shows us God. For more idea, search for Multiverse Theory or other alternative theories.

God Hypothesis still doesn't have proof.... Don't believe it and use your mind to understand universe instead of "God"...

I found a sentence in a Marilyn Manson's song (The Fight Song) : I'm not a slave to a God that doesn't exist.
That sum up what I think.

I'm happy that there are Atheists here.
I thought I was the only one.

yeah i sometimes feel lonely too😁

Not in front of the saw
I believe in God
If have a particularly sad ..

Yes , i Believe In God , there's no God but Allah
i Believe in only great God who has no son no wife ,He don't need to drink or to eat . He's Unite and One and he's the forgiving and merciful ...
i Believe in God because i use my mind
for more informations :
keep smiling

i Believe in God because i use my mind
That's so fuckin' weird and crazy, I DO NOT believe in god for the same reasons !! 😃

Awesome, Vandien! LOL
I feel lonely too 'cause I know very few atheists personally. But, I do come across some atheists every now and then. I absolutely hate it when people (I mean, adults) tell me, "God bless you!", when we part or something. Or when, the theists look at me, half-looking-down and half-accusing, as if I've committed a crime! Crazy people, they are, 'cause they don't realise that I pity them, just as they pity me. 😛

i believe in god because when you ask yourself why i am here, why i am living or what will happen to us etc. questions, when we die, unless there is a god, everything will be meaningless. What is nothingness? i can not think about it and i believe there is a god, there is another life after death. I advice you to investigate Islam and you will find every answer you need. This is my personal opinion

my english maybe faulty🙂

You believe in god 'cause you're looking for a meaning....
Life is meaningless ! And you want to think you're down on earth for a good reason, you wanna reassure yourself....

infiniti, I know what Islam is, and it doesn't give me any answers. It gives new problems and questions.

Give meanning to life. It's your choise. For example, you can choose "doing good things to humanity" as a meanning. You can choose a lot of things. Think about it. Religions don't have proofs about reasons too. And also, they don't order good things every time. They cause war and discussions. They blockade free thinking and science. Find better reasons to live. Find reasons what have good proofs. And learn philosophy... 😉

Most of religions are origined from Middle Eastern culture, so they don't have too much differences. Islam is one of them. I respect your idea but it doesn't make peace. Islam had got in humans brains by wars, by conquests. It never "symbolised" peace in real meaning of word.

" Is this a proof? Isn't this also silly?
Don't you think that if you had a proof you wouldn't believe but you would know about existence of God. There is a big difference between these two words. The word "believe" is mostly used if you are sure or almost sure about something but you cannot prove that.

Besides it is not so silly as believing that life was created accidently. Some people believe that there is no difference between atoms and cells - these small particles of all the living creatures. That is realy silly.
Life has just emerged without any help, but nobody can create life using the same chemical compounds which supposedly were mixed then. Our scientists are a bit overwise, aren't they?