write about ur favourite book or a series of books English

I love "Life of Pi". It's a great book. The main character loves god so much he practiced 3 religions. Insane, right? Makes me feel a bit guilty....
And i also enjoy Harry Potter, Twilight n the da Vinci code.

Ya Twilight saga was nice. I like Gone with the wind M. Mitchel, and polish writer's "The Witcher". It's a great fantasy book wrote by A. Sapkowski 🙂

I love the Twilight Series,some books of Paulo Choelo,The Gheisha,Harry Potter,Septimus Heap-series,The Travelling Pants,Tunels,The Count of Monte Cristo and others..

Want to read...other books from Paulo Choelo and don't know...I don't think about what I want to read...when I see a book that I like I grab it...

Are reading...Right now I'm reading "Falling Snow"...the original name is "Yuki no Haru"

The writers you love......don't know all their names..🙂)...I think about the book when I read..not the author...but I think I like Alexandre Dumas,William Shakespeare

I love all books that I've read.

I love Twilight Saga and Harry Potter 😃 and many many more...

My favorite book is The Russian Concubine By Kate Furnivall

i love twilight book and the film!!if it wasent 4 the twilight book there would be no robert pattason !!!!???

that are my favourite books . Silver and Gems Trilogy (Kerstin Gier),Twilight the books 1 - 4 (Stephenie Meyer) , i love that so much .

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