write about ur favourite book or a series of books English

Post here books you loved..

Want to read...

Are reading...

The writers you love...

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I like Twilight saga ;DDd I know that sounds funny ;Dd But I really did 🙂
I want to read Charlaine's Harris book Dead Until Dark.
What about you? What's your favorite book?

For me, I like so much series of books "l'assassin royal" by Robin Hobb and a lot of book by Stephen King (Misery, La ligne verte, marche ou creve, Salem etc...)
Scuse me, my english it's not very well 😁'

of course, the hannibal series.silence of the lambs,hannibal,red dragon and hannibal rising...

i love <>,really love

"L'Assasin Royal" From Robin Hobb was a great series of Books

I love The Saga of Darren Shan, there's 12 books and I've read 8 of them. The characters are amazing and the story is well-written!

I love fantasy books, especially Lord of The Rings, Eragon and Tales Of The Witch World. They're great, I like characters and the way these books are written ;]

maeve binchy"s novels

I love mangas like Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, the Slayers....

My best book is "The sisterhood of the travelling plants" 😛 I've read 3 parts yet, and I'm going to read 4th.😃
I love adventures of Briget, Lena, Tibby and Carmen! 😁

I like "tom sawyer".
And "Harry Potter",...

I really love the Harry Potter series even though im still to read the 7th book

Hugs Emma x

now I am reading "The Karamazov Brothers" by Dostoyevsky. I love his novels. I think he is one of the best writers all over the world.

i love twilight saga, every four books ! the most maybe new moon

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is my all time favourite, has been ever since I read the books about four-five years back. I think what attracts me most in it is the fact that Tolkien has created an entire world and he almost managed to convince me that this world really exists. It's just unbelievable how far he has thought of the history of Middle-Earth and that of all the characters. I also find it amazing how Tolkien has made up several languages for his world, out of which particularly the Elvish ones are very developed and could actually be used, rather than just creating the few phrases he needed.

Yep... the plotting of LOTR is indeed super cool... but it's too slow 🙁 ...

i read only the first book ...

liked it... but thought i was wasting time reading it...!!

I love the writer though..


Well ...um... my favorite books are

The Catcher in the Rye
To Kill A Mockingbird
Fahreneit 451

These books really changed my life... no kidding 😃

Other than these i liked books of Harry Potter...


Twilight of course and what´s the fantasy book´s name that´s written by Michelle Paver?