See who has visited your profile Comments and suggestions

It would be nice if you could see who visited your profile.

Thx for considering 🙂

I'm agree! (=

Me too 🙂

Me too. This feature is provided into another penpal site, according to what I know, and probably it would be a good idea.

That does sound cool...Is it possible?

Entirely agree. It's will be better. 🙂 I think because we see who have visited our profile only when person post a comment on. And that the comment is very idiot.

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i agree

Not bad this idea 😉

Yes this is a very good idea

While it might sound like a good idea at first, I believe some won't feel as comfortable visiting random profiles knowing that their tracks are recorded and publicly available. Sure, you would like to know who visited your profile. But would you want your every move to be shared with everyone else too? 🙂

Edit: visit counts are recorded too and these could be made available in the future without issues.

They used to do This, but removed the feature🙂