What kind of music from your homecountry would you recommend? Films, music, TV

So, I would like to know what kind of music I could try from other countries. You see, I love music and I would love to find new songs to listen to 😃 So, people all over the world, would you please recommend some music from your homecountry to me? 🙂

eeuhm... there isn't really one... but does someone know the song: me and my guitar~ by Tom Dice??
here's the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcwr9s1Wce4


Hi MiaS!

So if you want to discover a few song/artists from France, here are some examples, first if you like pop/folk, Aaron (one of their song: Seeds of gold) that is a great french band singing in english and an other one named Cocoon (one song: Comet); then singing in french you could try Shy'm "Je sais" (R'n'😎 or also Ben l'oncle soul "Soulman" / "Seven nation army"...

Hope that will help you!!

My country India is full of variations. Movies and albums are created in a large number and the most nurtured among them are Hindi films and albums. You may also try different folksongs of India.

its R-a-k-a-s from Tapani Kansa!!! I like it...AND I WANT SOME MORE!!!
this is Olet Todella kaunis from Zen Cafe!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! he sing about love....Olet todella kaunis= you are really beutifull.....ONE MORE!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oSbCT_h9mo
this is Mä haluun naimisiin from Maija vilkkumaa. mä haluun naimisiin= I wanna go to marry(?)..... well this was fun! =D

Here is Georgian folk music (Soundtrack).

Tom Waits

Dancefloor music (besides the Inna crap and other stuff)

a good example could be : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDZqaB4qXIc

only our typical music...only folk music...taranta pizzica

hi!!! if you want good french music:

rap/hip-hop: "Iam","NTM" and "Le Peuple De L'Herbe"

variety: "Charles Aznavour", "Serge Gainsbourg" they are legend!!

electro: "Daft Punk","Justice","MR OIZO", "birdy nam nam","Étienne de Crécy","Para One","Toxic Avenger" ...

Black Nail Cabaret, Subscribe, The Moog, The Kolin, Ákos

Dżem,Perfect,Maanam and Kult if you like rock and if you like pop it's Doda,Edyta Górniak, Marina and Ewa Farna.

Belgium has some real great bands 🙂 Some of my personal favourites: Zornik, dEUS, Das Pop, Admiral Freebee, Sioen, Absynthe Minded, Milow, The Van Jets.

Netsky and Point.Blank

some of the famous Finnish bands are The Rasmus, Nightwish, HIM, Disco Ensemble and Smak that have gained worldwide recogniton. We also have rap/hip hop singers such as Cheek, Elastinen, Aste, Redrama, Paleface and lots more. Both metal, rock and rap/hiphop are popular in Finland.

I would definitely recommend Blöf, Acda en de Munnik from Holland

Italian music....listen to:
883 (I like it)

Jackie Chan (; ois hyvä laulaja. But in here finland I would recommend Happoradio-Puhu äänellä jonka kuulen (=

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