What is your favorite actor / actress ? Films, music, TV

Forest Whitaker

No gonna lie my favorite actress of all time and nothings ever gonna change it is grace kelly (then humphrey bogart)

*not gonna lie

Favorite actor is Tim Curry

ahaha rocky horror

i like taylor momsen

Johnny Depp! And not only because he's very handsome (he's a little to old for me) but because he is so talented. He's a different character in every movie he makes.

Johnny Depp and Rachel Weisz- I love them!
I also like Elizabeth Mitchell, Joshua Jackson and Helena Bonham-Carter🙂

Man, no one said Clint Eastwood yet. He's probably my favorite.

Dev Patel, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, Sophia Bush, Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty (:

Sandra Bullock, she´s really good =) :blush

Kevin James and Tom Hanks

jack nicholson (sp?) after watching the shining

chris farley

the beatles. LOL

My favorite actor is robert pattinson but only in the movie "remember me"
My favorite actricce was milla jovovich 😉

My favorite actor is Johnny Depp 😛
Same here 😛unk I started to watch movies with Johny Depp and watched like 4 last week :tongue:

I really like Julia Roberts as well.

Jim Carrey

Johny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio , most of their movies are pretty good !!

And Jun Ji Hyun, Aoi Miyazaki and Park Shin Hye are my favorite actress.

mmmh Johny Depp has a lot of success o.O ! My favorite actor iiiiiis (drum roll) Matt Dallas😁 (in Kyle XY).