What is your favorite actor / actress ? Films, music, TV

my favorite actress is Keira Knightly, i love her movies and shes SO gorgeous!!!
You're right! She's amazing, isn't she?

"Phantom of the Opera," the heroine。。she‘ s name is Emmy Rossum ..

I like Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Alec Baldwin and Keanu Reeves. I also like Meryll Streep, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock.

IN my country, I like Pen Medina and Iza Calzado.

For Korean stars: I like Lee Seung-hyo, Kim Nam-gil, Eom Tae- woong, Bi and Kwon Sang-woo.
I also like Choi Ji-woo, Kim TAe- hee, Lee Young-ae and Ji Jin-hee :clap :clap

GACKT!!!! with love

Definitely Johnny Depp 😉 Ryan Gosling especially in The notebook, Audrey Tautou and Johnatan Rhys Meyers, i love his eyes..🙂

Johnny deep is the best the number one the top of top and he's handsome sexy, tom cruise, gerarld buttler
Keira Knightly, Charlize Theron, nicole kidman and Katherine Heigl they are my favorite 😉

He's hot ! LOL ! 😃
Have you seen " Edward Scissorhands " , Charlie & the Chocolate Factory " and '" Benny & Joon " ?
These films are the best !
I haven't seen "Benny & Joon". Have you seen "Ninth gate" ? It's just... amazing. 😃
yeah.... he's hot. 😁
I love him too!!
I've never saw 'Ninth gate'..
I wanted to see 'Sweeny Tod' but I'm too young to see it.
Actually, I'm 'C&C' generation. 001_wub

My favorite actor is Johnny Depp 😛

my favorite actor is Robert Thomas Pattinson

my favorite actor is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio I like the 《Titanic》that he starred very much!
And my favorite actress is Kristen Stewart.

josh holloway 001_tt1

my favourite actor is Hugh Laurie ! <3
he's a great actor, he also writes books n he's a great musician !!!

Yeahh, Johnny Depp of course! <3

I love Johny Depp and Joanna Osyda.

Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Jared Leto & Megan Fox (well, she's not that talented but she's so hot XD)

oh,I like Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens they'are cool

Amanda Seyfried, Nicolas Cage and Steve Buscemi 🙂

Julia Robert she is so beautiful and romantic