Who is the best singer in your country Films, music, TV

I'm really curious to know the best singer in the world

My favorites are:

Samu Haber (Sunrise Avenue)
Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)
Marko Saaresto (Poets of the Fall)
Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus)
Ville Valo (H.I.M)
Isac Elliot
Robin Packalen

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At this moment floor Janssen is getting popular by many people

Aya Nakamura

José José that recently passed away 🙁

In my country not only our own country's singers are popular, but some singers from The Netherlands are popular as well.

Dawid Podsiadło

Dawid Podsiadło

I would also add Michał Szpak even if he is weird because he has an amazing skill of the voice and voice range

Lucio Dalla will be always in our Italian hearts

At this moment floor Janssen is getting popular by many people

Did you know that Floor Jansen is current singer of Nightwish and friend of Tarja Turunen?

Andreas Scholl, but I think he lives in Swizzerland now.
Ulrike Hofbauer, but her voice is much better live than on Youtube. 🙂

I have to say Tom Beck, not because he's famous, but because he has such an amazing voice.

In my opinion, Tim Maia was the greatest Brazilian singer of all time, he passed away in 1998.

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Saad Lamjarred 🙂

For Germany I would say Henning May and Alli Neumann


Traditional: Homayoun Shajarian
Pop: Sirvan Khosravi

I don't really like any current singers, but I like The Beatles, Johnny Cash, ABBA, and a little Elvis.

It depends on what you want to listen. If you want to listen pop music I think the best one Sezen Aksu. If you want to listen local music or traditional ones you have to listen to Neşet Ertaş. And also If you want to listen rock music/anatolian rock you can listen Haluk Levent. Of vourse there are lots of name I can’t mention.