Ed Sheeran fans? Films, music, TV

My favorite songs are:

- Galway girl
- Thinking out loud
- Perfect
- Shape of you
- Sing
- Don't
- How would you feel
- The A team
- Legohouse
- You need me, i don't need you
- Drunk
- Happier

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I love Shape of You and Galway Girl

I love
-Galway Girl
-Shape of you
-Thinking out loud

He got me with i see fire.. And now i cant stop listening to his music 😃

i‘m going to the concert in august🙂

perfect with andrea bocelli
shape of you
galway girl

River whit Eminem!!

I personally prefere the songs he did with Passenger, along with "you need me, I don't need you", the way his gituar mixes with the beats, just perfect

I like:
*Make it rain
*Wake me up
*You need me but I don't need you
* grade 8


Perfect and the simphony with bocelli i love ed when he sings in italien😍

I love Shape of you ))))

River whit Eminem!!

It's actually Eminem feat Ed Sheeran

I like his songs but not as much. I'm not the biggest fan.

I like I see fire

Maybe some of you are gonna hate me but I'm going to his concert this year in the Netherlands xd

I was in his concert in Munich, Germany 🙂 it was awesome.

Shape of you
Lego house
Photograph and river are my favourite song everr !!

I love
-Galway Girl
-Shape of you