Photography and you ? Films, music, TV

Salut tout le monde !!

I would like to know if there's buddys here wich like photography ?
Maybe not..

Bref, I do photography as a passion for 1,5 years, and I often post pictures on my photography page.

If you wanna see my works you can go there : ; And say what you think about it.

Thanks ! 😃

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Aaah I love photographing 🙂 I have done it with passion for about 3-4 years and I actually study it in school also and we do photographing work also in our company.
I like mostly your landscape picttures where is big view. You have nice idea in photos but maybe 1,5 years is not yet enough but still good pictures 🙂 what camera do you have?
I have Canon EOS 1100D but I also photograph with 5D and 60D. here is my some amateur shots too.

Hey, I've got a Lumix FZ45. It's a "bridge " (:

I love to take photos :3
There are some of my work here

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Hello everyone,
Like Jene I like some of your pics but you should pay attention to solme details, like the verticality of buildings. Sometimes tilted pics create a dynamism in your composition (like your underground sign for example). For taking portraits, think to use more often the 1/3 2/3 rules, it would get more attraction power to your models.
And like Jene or Emily, choose an another support like FlickR or Deviant Art, just to be sure not to get your images spoiled 🙂
If you are curious, go to check my stuffs at 🙂


Look at Brice Portolano's work!!! 😃

☼ Coucou ! Tes photos sont superbes ! Bravo ! 🙂
Pour moi, la photo, c'est depuis que j'ai 5 ans, mais je m'y suis mise vraiment il y a presque un an.

Voilà ma page : 🙂

I also like photography!
Since a few months I have a canon 400D, but Iam not very good at photographing yet, 🙂
Anyway here's my tumblr:
You can find some photos I made on there.

I do photography now for almost a year

Such a nightmare for me ! When I visit a place with someone who stops every time to take a photo.
Or in family parties, when they want to take 30 photos. So I have to stay quite, to smile like a fool (I don't know how to force myself to smile), and waiting and waiting again, cause the photo is not good they want to do it again. And I can't look the final result cause of my blindness.
However, I'm amazed when someone who likes photography as an art tries to explain to me this pation, even if it is a world I can't understand.

I love photography. I'm old enough that I used film for very many years before digital photography was available. When digital photography was first available the cameras and memory were really expensive and the pictures were rather low quality overall. I used to develop and print my own black and white photos at home because I had a darkroom. It was a lot of fun. I also took color photography in college and learned to develop and print color pictures.

My favorite type of photography is concert photography. I don't have a great camera but I do get some photos that I enjoy from time to time. 2019 was a great year for me for concerts and I got a lot of photos I like. I added some of my favorites to my profile a while ago. I invite people to take a look at them.

i love photography I won a price in my school