Greetings from Japan 日本語

It is regrettable no Japanese has written here.
If you have a question about Japan, ask me. Grammar, Japanese authors, news, anything will do. I'll do my best 😛

Yes, I wish there were more asian people here! It's nice of you to give your help! I'm about to learn Japanese, hope that we'll be able to talk soon 😛

Same than Happyshine u_u

Are you learning Japanese too Benjou? We could help each other!

Hey I want to learn japan ! Who can teach me the languagr ? I go to japan in.6 month !

Konnichiwa, ogenkideska ? 😉

Привет, я тут недавно, не знаю сюда ли я пишу, вообщем, кто хочет общаться бумажными письмами?

Hi, there 🙂 Thank you for comments.
I'm not a Japanese teacher so that I have no idea what to teach. So when you have trouble with leaning, ask me here..... or Skype?
By the way, I've just memorized Cyrillic characters recently. Reading Linaaa's comment, I wonder if I can master Russian. >_<
I could do German more or less because German and English are similar. But Russian is quite different.

By the way, tell me why you guys decided to learn Japanese if you can 🙂

Thanks HoolKD! What is you Skype account? You can add me if you want : happy.shin
I started learning Japanese today with a book I borrowed at the library 😛

Ty HoolKD !

Im learning japanese cause i wanna live there 🙂

I sent a request to Happyshin

hi, Benjou, moving here seems troublesome. Japan has strict regulation for immigrants though the government considers promoting it because of aged society. What kind of job are you thinking of in Japan?

Yes HoolKD :/ i've seen it.. but i didn't knew why, thanks to explain me. Im thinking about something in Computer 🙂 im looking right or.. nop ?

Computer? Something like programmer or web-designer? It's a decent job and I've seen people from foreign countries working IT companies.
But in the Information industry there are lots of companies called "black company" which often violate labor law.
You should choose which company you enter carefully.

Oh i see :/
Toshiba is good ? 😃
But thanks for this information

Toshiba is a stable manufacture company. But I seldom hear about about its IT section. Basically Japanese industry is poor at IT 🙁 Critics often say, Japanese IT industry is like Galapagos Islands (their technology evolved uniquely in Japan but not evaluated in other countries like many spices have done in Galapagos Islands).
What is your specialization in computer?

Oh ok :/
So about computer, i have no specialisation yet 😛 but i love programming haha and i wanna work in games industries 😁

Hello, I want learn Japanesse. Are You have some idea how to learn or how to start?