What's your favorite games or what a game your played ?? Games

The Elder Scrolls Series - Morrowind and Oblivion especially!

I love: New super mario bross, Sims 2 pets on the PSP (by a game show I have won it! 😃), neopets.com and more!

Hi All ~
i play Counter strike "cs1.6" online and i have lovely server steam and no steam
with new good team
all cs players are welcome in my Sv~😁


Wii! Duh,

and rockband.

Of course, live football, on the network to play, great

Left 4 Dead 2, на Русском сервер!!!

I like The Sims 3 and SingStar

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Hey everybody have you already heard about Battlefield Bad Compagny 2 ?
It's a war game but there it's funny and easy to play

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , oblvion , res 5 bloky if you've played tell me

cs 1.6 😁
(not online~)

Sims 2 and 3 , Professeur Layton , Resident Evil , Guitar Hero , Band Hero , Rock Band and Singstar

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I love AoE 2 and C&C: Red Alert series. I also like pokémon a little.

total war

I love FS(Free Style) the most, it's a kind of game about basketball, if you like to play basketball, it'll be a great game for you.🙂

I usually play the FPS types, Halo 3 (not COD), Counter Strike 1.6, etc not really into the MMORPG stuff.

I play Counter-strike and Maple Story 🙂

monopoly lol

Metal gear Solid (the first)

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