What's your favorite games or what a game your played ?? Games

Final Fantasy Tactics, Legend of Zelda and Old Mario
(I love jump on turtle and I want to be plumber. And why is my princess in another castle? hum? => [])

I play Left 4 Dead , Counter Strike source 😁

My favourites games are the 2 series:
" Empire earth" and "Age of empire" and i like too some games, but not one in particular! i like Rappelz, a multiplayer game on internet, but i had begin to play since one or 2 weeks!

Final Fantasy 7 : Crisis Core, all GTA , Sims 2,Splinter Cell , NFS

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Hum, Call of Duty 2 and 5, Hearts of iron 2 DD, Brothers in Arms, Europa Universalis Rome Gold, Assasin's Creed, Gears of war 1 and 2,Resident Evil 5 and my favorite game The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion.

Damnation, bon jeux oblivion 😉

For now, I play Star wars Jedi knight Academy online... and Sometimes World of warcraft/ CS:S...

I have a bunch of favorite games.
Top 5 rated list
-World of Warcraft Private Server
-Last Chaos
-War Rock (Everyone gotta love that)
-Ragnarok Online Private Server
-Phun (It's like the best 2D physics game ever)

I would really recommend them. I'm currently playing both War Rock and Last Chaos. On Ragnarok Online, there is basically nothing to do and Phun is fun but I can't think of anything to build. World of Warcraft, same with every other game that I'm not playing, nothing to do.
War Rock is like a war game. And Last Chaos is a Role-Playing Game. Google them if you want to play it.

Oh yeah =) Warrock Forever !
2) Fifa 09
3) CoDWaW
4)Assasin Creed !

not really a fighting game but sims 3!!! haha

i can't really get rid of my "Soldat" addiction

oui et tu as toujours des nouvelles choses à découvrir 🙂

My best game is Princess Maker series. Now I'm playing Dungeon&Fighter.

oh, i love Forbidden Siren 2, on PS2

hehee, zombieeees

and some other horror games :]

I'm getting Sims3 for my birthday :]
:laugh lol1

I play these this time:

-Kingdom Hearts
-Kingdom Hearts II
-Final Fantasy X
-Final Fantasy XII

:3 <3

how about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Fifa 10??? on the ps3 offcourse 🙂

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Mostly I play Kingdom Hearts II (PS2) or Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS).

Mafia has the best storytelling ( bioshock 2nd place ), mass effect 1 and 2. Almost any bethsoft game

Duke 3D is cool.

Shadow of the Colossus<3; Fable; Call on Duty 2; Halo; Guitar Hero

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