If you could only play 1 game for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Are you interested in cheaper PC games ?
Team Switch like or Team normal switch?
Do you guys play osu! ?
Apex Legends : Wraith main?
Is there any Animal Crossing fans here?
:clap What's in a name? :clap How do you feel about your name?
Name a song
Clash of Clan
do you like ''just dance'' on wii?
Sims 4
Minecraft Bedrock Creative
Arena Of Valor
Which Character are you ?
Minecraft java
Which games do you like?
Which game are you playing recently?
any pokemon fans out there?
call of duty series
what is your favourite game??
Google Stadia
Pokemon pet?
Funny game**
do you like genshin impact?
The wish which become the worst.
What's your favorite games or what a game your played ??