What do you think about Poland ? Anything and everything

Poland is a BEAUTIFUL country 😛
Yes 🙂 especially Cracow, It's my town 😛

If someone of us would like study polish or get to know any polish word, please write this.

Adu Adu

mhm.. Poland is a beautiful contry ^ especially on summer ;p

Do you know Poland ? What do you think about Poland ? What is Poland, Poles stereotype in your country ? Do you know any (famous or not) Pole ?
I know a polish guy named Andrej, he's studying in the university for foreigners of my town, he's a kind person. :yes

I can't say much about its culture there but I live near Chicago. Chicago is a city that is very much segregated by ethnic and national boundaries. I know sometimes people are told that America is a "melting pot" where cultures merge into a single American identity but that's far from the truth. People retain their identities and culture very much so, which I actually enjoy. It is true that everyone comes together on a common American identity on some level, but unless you are outside of one of those ethnic areas and born American after several generations, you will have a very strong attachment to your native culture in your community.

There is a substantial Polish population and area of the city where they live. I've eaten some food there that I do not remember the name of but I did enjoy it. There is obviously a strong Catholic element like with the Hispanic and Irish communities. The Polish people, many originally from Poland, tend to be friendly and welcoming of those outside their community. One man I had met and talked with at a bar introduced me to Tyskie, which I must say is a good Polish beer 😛

I have been to Poland, i went last year with school. I stayed in Krakow, it was nice however quite cold. I spent the whokle time thinking the=at i was going to freeze to death 😛
The town square was really nice and the shops were good also.
I was undecided though as to whether poland is rich or poor?
Some of the houses were really nice their, however some were like sheds and positioned right next to the posh ones :S Hmmmm :/ One to ponder i suppose.

My Grand-father was Polish ! But I never know him... I'd like to go in Poland one day <3
I don't know any stereotyp about Poland. I think its mean that Polish are so nice 😉

Poland for the french people ? ----> Vodka and plumber

I don't know for plumber but vodka that's right =p

it's nice that you write about Poland. : )) I'm from Cracow in Poland. yess.. you're right. It's amazing city & country = ))
do you want know more about Poland ? ; >

I know in France some people who comes from Poland and a part of my family was from Lviv before they came to France! it's near of Poland! unhappy i don't speak this language! =( but maybe in some year i will learn! ^.^
I think Poland is a great country! History of Poland was always in links with other Europe countries! before i didn't know very well some People from Poland and i was victim of received idea about Poland, but since i've talk with some Polish i think they are very kind and welcoming!
But it's always a little strange to me to understand Poland culture, because now it's a country sharing between "slavic" culture from (Russia), and culture from western europe (Germania)! for me, Poland is a sort of shake between this two culture! (by exemple i trust (if i'm not wrong) the langage is slavic, but alphabet is from west europa)
because since the end of the second worl war, poland frontier (border) were displace on the west: some germania lands became Polish, and some Polish lands became Russian!
could you say me what is your opinion about the polish culture ? there is a big difference(politic, culture, économical,...) between west poland lands and east poland lands ? (by exemple, Ukraine is divided between west and east people who don't think the same about political ideas!) or theses differences (if they existed before) are now disapeared and Poland is very united ?
PS: sorry for my english, very bad... 😁
Bye! dovidenia!
cześć! =)

their trucks drivers are dangerous in the freeway.