What do you think about Poland ? Anything and everything

Do you know Poland ? What do you think about Poland ? What is Poland, Poles stereotype in your country ? Do you know any (famous or not) Pole ?

Yeah I know about Poland. A country in Eastern Europe. It became member of EU in 2004. It is on the Baltic sea. I know only about the prime minsiter Donald Tusk.

i learned Poland from my geography class
i just know Poland is a country in eastern euroepe.
and was a communistic country before.

and Poland monarch was the cause to start world war II. Am I right?

really I don't know poland :/ !! And I don't know some stereotype too :/ !! I just know where is it [xD]

and Poland monarch was the cause to start world war II. Am I right?
Not trualy.. That was the invasion of the poland by the 3rd Reich...

But i think the real cause was Adolph 😁. And the unfair end of the 1st worlds war, that made germany really poor (poverty)

About poland... I think the vodka is really great there 😛 And i think there are a lot of very good parties and so... I also know that that is a very "religious" country

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Poland is a country in East Europe, near to Estonia. It's the biggest in East Europe. Poland was also in USSR and their language is Slavic language. Have you got similar culture to Russians? Very poor knowledges! But now I met a Polish girl who seems nice, I hope I'll get know more.

Polish culture is diffrent than russian culture.

Yes we speak slavian language - polish language 🙂

Attack on Poland was the begining of II war 🙁

I don't now that much about Poland... I've only "stepped" there an afternoon during my trip in Germany...
We don't really have stereotypes, but rather kind of prejudices.. Well it's not that bad. We only "know" Polish have been (are still?) an unhappy people... There are so many polish who want to travel, to get away from their country... The polish have been really persecuted.. Just like the jewish people. That's so unfair.

The only time I went there, I gotta say I didn't want to. Actually, I wanted to go to Leipzig (town in Germany 😁) but my father DID want to see what was Poland like... I told him "Okay, so let's see. If there's nothing, we get back to Germany" and we got there, and there was nothing, and we stayed --' Buahaha. No, really. I've only seen a "country" area and some kind of a village near the borderline... I'm sure the big towns are pretty nice 😁

The radio was in Polish (Wow! Really? --') and I couldn't get any word, and it sounded strange.. I remember we almost got runover by a tramway, because there were no traffic lights for that... What else... I remember there was a place where you had to wait for the bus... There were at least 70 persons waiting there. I was like : O.O.
Of course, we lost ourselves, because of the road signs we couldn't understand... Oh, and for the language. I remember it didn't sound nice to me, but then I re-listened to some polish girl and it was awesome =D Otherwise... yeah.

Have you ever heard of vowels?!! No I'm kidding. But we laughed a lot when we tried to read some radio name... Something like czeijkzhk... Impossible for me to pronounce it (yet? XD) !! Okay, this one surely means nothing, but I wouldn't even notice it! And, finally, when we got back to Germany, as we were "checked" by the police (isn't Poland some UE country? They don't check under my car with a mirror when I go to Italy XD There's only a sign on the road saying "ITALY" XD), I just woke up in front of some police guy with a (at least it seemed to me) huge gun in his hand... How freaked out I got... x_X Thought it was a nightmare.

But other than that, it really made me feel... elsewhere... I mean, when you go to Germany it's (almost) France in German... But Poland really is different, and I now realize I'd love to go there again. =D

That's all for the little story, please don't think I'm making fun of your country because I'm not. Totally respectful v_v

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I don't know much about Poland. Its Capital is Warszawa, I've seen beautiful pictures from there. It had an extensive political history. As far as I know it is a country pretty religious -There the previous pope was born- Polish people I've known about: Chopin, great composer. Lech Walesa, Nobel Peace Laureate. Roman Polanski, filmaker...and a girl called Anna.

Pope John Paul was a Pole. What do you think ? When pope will be beatificate ?

I think it is possible this year - 16 X

Pope John Paul was a Pole. What do you think ? When pope will be beatificate ?

I think it is possible this year - 16 X

i think so too! there were so many people who loved Pope John Paul whether they were catholics or not.

My mother is from Poland and I went to Poland for... maybe 6 times in my life. I went to Chestahowa(I don't know how to spell this town), Krakau and a little town where my mother comes from. But I don't think anything about Poland. I think a Country has too many sides to think something about the country when you weren't at really every place there or have at least heard something about every place there. All the times I were to Poland I had to spend 1-6 weeks at the house of my aunt in a little town near Chestahowa(again wrong spelling of this town) and it was BORING. Until I was 7 years old I didn't find it boring but then I didn't know anyone there anymore and I couldn't do other things then watch TV. But I talk too much about my time in Poland. If I would live there I don't think it would be much different than in Germany.

Częstochowa 🙂

Do you know Poland ?
No! i live very very far away from there.
What do you think about Poland ?
i think it's a very beautiful country, very charming, and people there seem to be friendly and love parties. i'd loove to meet Poland! actually, i think western europe is very interesting!
What is Poland, Poles stereotype in your country ?
you know what? many DUMB people here don't even know where Poland is. So, I don't know if there is a stereotype of Poland here.
Do you know any (famous or not) Pole ?
My best penpal is Polish, his name's Bartek 😃
we are great friends! i love him!

oh, i forgot to say, your language is awesome, but seems to be so difficult x.x

Poland is a BEAUTIFUL country 😛

I've never been to Poland, but recently there have been a lot of Eastern Europeans moving to this area of England. They seem like genuinely nice and friendly people.

There has been discussion amongst some people here about how they think the Poles are "stealing" British jobs because they are willing to work for less money than the locals. I don't think that this is a fair judgement, especially since it shows how hard-working the Polish people are compared the some of the lazy Brits.

Also, I've heard that the Polish school system is very good and that's why Poles are generally well-educated people. I think school is compulsory until the age of 18?

Anyway, you seem like a nice bunch of people!