New Member Presentations Anything and everything


I'm always searching for new friends 😉
I thought that this topic could be used by New Members to describe themselves with a small presentation.
Like that it would be easier to guide us through all new members.


I'm Lucas.
I'm a baguette from France, and I'm having hard times not to be travelling all year long.
I'm a ludothécaire (basically, librarist for board games).
I'd be glad to make some more friends around the world !

Nice to meet you FrenchyLucas !

I didn't know that inhabitants of France were now called Baguettes XD

I am Annabell, but please just call me Anna,
I am from austria and i am 14 years old.
My hobbies are Swimming,Skating, cycling,reading,and writing storis(sometimes )

And i really love to chatt with peoplei dont now,because that is always a little advemture..


I am Adam, from Spain. I'm 25.
I'd love to find people, males or females, youngers or olders, I don't care, to meet new friends around the world and keep in touch throught traditional mail. I love the art, the purpose and the emotion of writing and receiving letters from friends from abroad.

If you like the idea, please, contact me. I could talk about many topics to start... (but not sports hahaha, I don't know nothing about sports).

Hi ! I'm Pauline from France (but don't call me baguette please) ! I love discovering other countries and I want learn more languages to ! My english is not perfect but I understand fast !
If it's possible, I'd like to go in England or USA to perfect my english and to travel.
If somoene is intresting about the french culture, write me ! Pauline

Hi! I'm Nils from Germany. I like talking and learning about different cultures. My Hobbies are Drawing and collecting Coins and Banknotes from all over the World. I would love to visit Venezuela, Bulgaria, Brazil or the USA some day. I prefer writing real letters, but we can also just chat if you want 🙂
Contact me if youre interested 🙂

Hi, everyone, I'm José and I'm from Venezuela. I'm 19. I love the idea of talking with people from abroad, since I've been always wanting to travel myself.

I'm a writer and I'm doing a math major, so if you wanna talk about books, metal music (yeah), spanish... or pretty much everything, I'll be hanging around. Cheers!

Hello! I'm Mélanie and I live in France. I love to travel and discover people's cultures.
I love architecture, manga, pets, play video games, watching tv shows.. I also love eating and trying new types of food 😃

I speak French and English, and would love to learn Japanese. But anyone can talk to me 🙂

Bounjour! Sou Regina, brasileira aprendendo Francês.

Salut! Je m'appelle Bruno Torres et je suis brésilien. Actuellement j'habite en Provo, aux États-Unis, et je suis étudiant de MBA. Je suis en train d'apprendre le français et je parle portugais, anglais et un peu de espagnol (c'est très similaire au portugais).

J'adore écouter de la musique, aller aux concerts, jouer au videogame et apprendre de nouvelles choses.

Bonjour à tous, je m'appelle Giovanny Laguado, je suis compositeur, je vous invite à connaître ma musique sur ma page web ou facebook

Hi I am Anna! When i was a new member in here i don't know i can tell it…But that better!

HI this is Tina and would love to hear from friends all over the world and let's share life.

Hy I am Alexa from Germany. I am new here and I search Letter Friends 😊

Hi everyone, i'm Antonio from Sardinia. i'm always interested about different cultures, i hate racism, i want to talk to white, black, yello and even green people. I'm a writer, also i like to sing(i sing in a metal band called Frozen land) and do illustrations, also i love literature too. i love you all, wherever you are

Hi, my name is Leonie and I'd love to find some penpal friends around my age. If you want to know more about me, just click on my profile or text me back 🙂

My name is Ana and I'm 38 years old. I am Working for food industry as nutritionist in Spain and I would like Meeting people over the world. I'm trying to Discover new hobbies. I love lettering, reading and listen music. But the most I like is learning about other cultures, how people lives,their costums and make new Friends. 😊