Are you vegetarien or vegan? Me I am ;) Anything and everything

so, as a vegan, everybody think extremely like: "oh these vegans ! they are stupids" or "waouh how can you stop eat steak" etc
But the true question is: Why?

I'm just searching to discuss In a friendly way with may be new futurs friends! 😉

Are you interested by politics, nature, philosophy etc?

« Pour que le mal triomphe, il suffit que les personnes au grand cœur restent sans rien faire ». In French

"For the evil triumph, it is enough for people with a big heart to stand idly by.” In my bad English... I hope you will understand ! 🙂 ^_^

I want precise I am just here friendly, not for conflict!
Peace and Love 🙂
Martin Luther King (1929-1968)

Hi 😉i try to eat meat maximum 3 times per week

Ich bewundere jeden, der auf Fleisch verzichtet. Bravo 👏

Hello Camcam 11 !
It 's good ! Tu es francaise aussi? ^-^
Hello Marveline ! I dream to visit Germany!
But I don't speak german!
I will try to understand what you have writed!
Thank you for : "bravo" hi hi
I'm happy to meet new people^-^

😂 Salut lilou luna. Désolée mon français n'est pas assez. Je ne pourrais pas le expliqué en français. Je trouve bien tout ces gens qui arrivent a ne pas manger du viande. Tu as compris maintenant? I dont speak englisch.

I do eat meat... just because I like it. And never thought of quiting... so yeah

Oui yes ich verstehe!

I understand Bart!
Your profil photogaraphy gives the impression that you are in the sky! Sauts en parachutes? Cool ^-^
Everybody chose his path.^-^

I' m just curious:
Do you have a special life philosophy?
Sometimes we have an engagement ^-^
Do you know Ghibli movies?
They are so beautiful I find.
I would like travel but the world is so huge! ^-^ ^-^ It's interesting see and meet news persons, news univers etc...

je pense que quand le vegetarien avait goute la viande il la n'aimait pas alor il decide de etre vegetarien 😃 a contraire , si il l' aimait , il n' avait pas ete vegetarien 😃

You think vegetarians hadn't enjoyed, apreciated meat?
Some of vegetarians may be.
But most of vegetarians are vegetarians because they don't want eat animals.
It's a choice, a philosophy not a question of I like it I don't like it

You learn French? ^-^

I was a vegetarian for 10 years, now not anymore. I might go back to it when I feel like it, though!

Hello 21Nihil ! I understand ! 😉
You are american!
There are more vegan in USA, England, Germany and Canada than in French, no?
And what do you do in life ? ^_^ Sorry for my bad English.

ca va lilouluna oui , je le parle
tu as raison 🙂 c'est pour rire seul 😃 en plus , si je n' aime pas de repas , je le n' reprendrais encore pour autre fois 😃

I know it's to joke! ^-^
It 's incredible!
I find this application funny! 🙂
I wish you a good day! ^-^

😃 merci
et toi aussi
je souhaite que tu aies beau jour

Thank you ^-^