Looking for someone to write letters with Anything and everything

Anyone want to exchange letters? Or just being internet friends

I am interessted 🙂

i'm interested in exchanging letters 🙂

I am interested in writing or just being friends 🙂

I'm interested, too 🙂

Ellooo I can volunteer to write you snail mail.

I'm interested in writing letters

Me too 😉

looking for penpals in the world!collecting.snail mail only.

Me too <3

I'm intersted in writing some letters

Same here 🙂

I am interest in writing real letters.

Alway looking to write letters with someone.

Me too 🙂 I'm interested to exachanging write letters with you

I am also interested nice to meet you

I'd like to have "old-fashioned" penpals 🙂

Writing letters are amazing. I'm interested .