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I'm new here. Any idea how to "filter out" people of certain age? For example, I'd rather not talk to kids.

Also, any tips? What/who to look out for around here?


You could write it politely on your profile that you don't want younger people to text you, I think it's the only way to sort out the age.
And for what to look for is completely up to you, you wanna talk with people from around the world, exchange knowledge, finding some friends and so on, the possibilities are endless 😃

Thank you.
I didn't realize there aren't technical ways to avoid anyone.
This will be interesting!

You can search by country they are coming from, gender and language that is spoken

Yes, i wish age was one of those demographics too.

Yeah would be helpful

Another question: where are all the middle-aged people? I seem to see a lot of teenager-to-mid 20s profiles and some 50-year old profiles. How about all the 30+ year olds? Where are they? Too busy working and drinking to have a pen pal?

well I feel like a 30+ year old if that helps. on a serious note, I guess you are right, they're busy. I've got lots of associates around that age and none of them heard about a thing like penpal-gate. but there are some really good people here, so keep looking.

This is interesting. The case of the missing 30+ year olds.

Thanks for the good welcome and encouragement though, both of you!

Oh! That´ll be really helpfull, i´m new here too but i guess it´s normal find more young people (teenagers) interesting in this kind of exchange, or just they have more free time. But there are really good people so i'm still looking too, so encourage!

Well, I'm rather a 40+ than a 30+, however, rather feel like a 30+.

Guess, you are right Nelidian. When I was 13, there only was the option of having a penpalship by snail mail. As luck would have it, it seems that I keyed-in the read searching parameters in a search machine that lead me to that webside.. 🙂

I think teenagers are the people who seek out pen pals the most. However, those teenagers do grow up and eventually join the 30+ or 40+ groups. So, unless they lose interest (but how could you!), they simply are around here and hiding!

I'm 31 and on this site, maybe at the limits but over 30 xD

Agree with you guys. I also remember those school days when i discovered snail mail. But thinking of that, how many people still join in that, i mean, we all grew up but just a few still like this, lets say that maybe out of every 30 students who grew only about 3 still interested in this kind of exchange, and maybe of those 3 only 1 have heard of penpalgate ... that reduces the possibilities, and that mathematics is not mine. By this i mean that we are fortunate to find someone who shares our taste and who enters within our "parameters" either 30+, 40+, etc ...
I at least feel more relieved to see that i'm not the only one.

Anyway, i´m near of 30+ but not yet, but 20+ feels a bit too young... the eternal dilemma of the age.

Well, my experience of different websites (3 to be precise) is that the ages are more balanced. So i met plenty of 30+ year olds there. That's why i was surprised they weren't as prominent on this website. But the mechanics of it (not being able to seek out people by age) make it just more mysterious. Maybe they are here, they are just hiding!
Who knows!

Agree with you. Guess less people are interested in this kind of exchange for on the one hand there are so many options such as what's app, instagram etc for contacting people and on the other hand people seem to be more impatient nowadays. Whaat is more you don't need to use complete phrases as it is with snail mail. 🙂

My mom is still a supporter of snail mail. She is 67, though... She is corresponding with several ladies all over the world. It is always nice when Mom is sharing with me the different cultures she has amongst her penpals....

Botanica, keep me fingers crosed for you that you are uncovering the hidden 30 + guys.

Any idea how to "filter out" people of certain age?

The search engine already looks for people around your age, it actually tries to find a balance between similar age and last seen online. Even though as you have noticed most members are young, it doesn't mean you can't find people around age. My suggestion is to try and broaden your search criteria (eg. search by country or continent instead of a city) to increases your chances

Grisu, i have been writing letters for over 2 decades, and just like your mom, i found interesting people all around. 🙂 Those people are there- the ones who are patient and write full sentences.

Etienne- thank you for this piece of information. I didn't think the search engine actually searched out people my age, since it keeps suggesting 17 year olds... It's interesting to know that it's supposed to show me more 30 -40 year olds.

I don't seek out certain countries and continents, because i truly don't care where potential friends are. But, i will try out your advice. 🙂