Does Your Name Brings Any Meaning?? Anything and everything

mine is valuable..hehe just in name=p

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mine is root. use 根(root)伊(no mean)

it means lonely. YES, lonely Ç.Ç

mine means "pearl" in welsh


my means 'snake' .......strange

My real name (Mikaël) means " which is like god " in Hebrew.
My ID is just the name of a character of a story that i like....

mine means "light","glowing".

mine means, intelligent, bold, daring... xP Fernando

I got interested and checked the origin of Toni -> Anttoni/Tony/Anthony/Antonius

Really got a good laugh with the suggestions:

Godly, Priceless, Worthy of Praise. I love to be godly and worthy of praise. 😉
One that amused me most was "flower", but most of the sources said it was incorrect. Luckily.

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My real name is Bilgehan. It means "wise king" and it's also name of an ancient Turkish leader. My username, Efrasyab, is name of a Scythian king.

My real name (Mikaël) means " which is like god " in Hebrew.
Mikael is the name of an angel-XD

Rachael is "ewe, female sheep" in Hebrew. How lovely. -.-
However the reason I was named this is to be named after my dad.
His name is Michael. Which is why my name is spelt with an 'A' and an 'E' instead of just one 'E' or 'A' like usual. I think my name is unique. 🙂

my name Ruut means "friendship" and "loyal". My second name Arantza is basque and it means "rose-thorn" 😃

Marco comes from the Latin "Marcus"= sacred, devouted to the god Mars.

I'm not sure if my real name (Monica) has any meaning but I have heard that e.g. in Moroccan Arabic it could mean a doll. My Islamic name (Malika) means a queen.