Travellers ;) Anything and everything

I want to go to Germany(and i will for a total of 10weeks, in about a year from now), England, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, I want to go to the US again(i havent been there for 7 years), Brazil, Peru, and any country with lots of history about the land.

I would to go to USA. I think there is very exciting.
Also I think England is great. I was there once, and so I want go there again!P.S. Universities there are so cool! When I will finish school, I may go there study! It's my dream...( but Americas universities also aren't so bad.. )
And I really want to go to Australia! ( kangoroos rullzz) 😛 lol
Spain, France and Japan also might be cool for me.. 😃

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I just wanna travel to every nook and corner of this world and let the experiences soak in. I also want to take this at my own pace. There's no way in hell that it's gonna happen. LOL That's why I'll have to restrain myself and mention a few countries! Finland, Australia, US (I wanna watch the US Open Finals live 😉 ), Sri Lanka, China, UK, Pakistan, France, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa...Oh well...I give it up!

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i would love 2 go 2 italy,spain,france,japan,and england!its alwayz been my dream!

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mahli (sk8tergirl54)

Australia, New Zealand, Japan. There's more these were just what came to mind first.

Already been around America and Europe quite a bit though.

Korea, Japan, Spain, France and then everysingle country in the whole planet 001_wub