Travellers ;) Anything and everything

What country would you love to go?


Greece...Holy crap, I would <3 it there!
And maybe even Italy.

I'd love to go to China. Maybe Romania, Greece, Egypt...Sweden and all the world if I get rich

I'd love to go to China, Russia, India, Australia (again), South Africa, USA, Mexico 😃

I would like to travel around Japan because I'm really immersed in either their lifestyle or culture. I've read numerous comic books and see lots of animations so I can pronounce some Japanese words.
I also want to go to Australia and Europe. Scenery there is so spectaclar!! I'm planning to go abroad after graduation. Hope I can fulfill that dream! biggrin

I would like to go in japan, chine , germany , united states, brasil, and a lot of other country !! Really I would like to visit all the country of the eartn (but it's a dream 😁)

yinyang My school took a field trip to Italy recently. I didn't get to go. My dream vacation is moving to Japan and working there as a French Teacher. Yes I meant that. It is my dream vacation 🙂 yinyang

I love Sweden, I have been there twice, but it was only for 3 days and I didn't see almost anything🙁 I'd like to go to Egypt too, it's my dream.

i would love to go to cambodia and indonsia as well as places like australia, i just think they have so much culture and history to them!

omg...i want to travel around the world!
first, europe, then usa and canada...omg, south america *-* chile, argentina, uruguai *-*
africa, asia...i'd love to meet the whole world
i've never been abroad :/

Japan! Italy! Spain! <3 When I grow up (if I grow up) I'm gonna go EVERYWHERE! I want to see everything, oh yes I want.

Uh, well. People should have dreams, yeah? Well, I have one. ^.^

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my aim at becoming an adult is backpack. where? ... everywhere. asia, europe, america, africa etc..
then I am learning various language and culture now. I'm forward to my future! Yahoo~

england, i don't know why but i just want to go there.
and i'd love to go to japan, south korea, france, holland...
but i've never been abroad 🙁

I would like to go to England , but I really like Poland , it's a great country , Amazing !

3 weeks ago i went london, in fact my profile photo was made there in a friend's house, i love that city, i want to move there when i finish my studies here in italy! but i'd like also to go in the usa

united states...

I would like to go all over the world...

All places are differents, but they are all perfect, in a sense.. The fact is that i don't know with what i can begin 😃

Caribbean~4 Captain Jack Sparrow~^_^
the USA~4 Disneyland~
German~4 my feeling~
Italy~ 4 wonderful sunshine~
the whole world 4 my dream!!!

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