Whats Your Favorite Tv Shows?! Anything and everything

i like the simpsons/ cuuuute Lisa 🙂
plus CSI 😉 i like newyork series

Supernatural, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Vampire Diaries, FlashForward, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Medium, Shameless, Mock the Week, Charmed, Friends and Will & Grace 🙂

this list could go on forever.but il stick to the mains ones..
desperate housewives,ugly betty,gilmore girls,friends,nursejackie,torchwood,modernfamily,scrubs,family guy,american dad,fr.ted,90210,GLEE,flashfoward,the simpsons,inbetweeners,how i met your mother,southpark,QI,8 outta 10 cats and mock the week.thats ruffly it:L

House M.D.
Freaking Awesome 🙂

I forgot 8 out of 10 cats! 😃

I know it's too old, but Friends!
and I like the simpson

Gossip Girls,90210,True Blood,Dr House,Desperate Housewives , The Mentalist ,NUMB3RS ,The Simpsons ... =D

uhm, Disney Channel 😃
haha i love it !
and runway ;o

House m.d and Gossip Girl.

I like Dr.House , Na wspólnej , Polish got talent , Niania ;P

Ncis , csi , simpsons , lost

I love Dr House 🙂 Scrubs and recently watched Glee


MythBusters,American Idol,康熙来了.

I love american serials, for sure!

Friends first of all (even though it's over! 🙁), Desperate housewives, bones, the mentalist, priviledged, grey's anatomy, dr house, medium, eastwick, ER, Tru calling, scrubs.. many others... I guess I've seen them all!

Then best ever: Friends.

Italy has good tv shows sometimes, series too, but not as good and appreciated as american series are... I can mention "Distretto di Polizia"... and some short tv serials on religious or historical-social subjects, some of them are done well, but... cannot compete with USA...

I love Sex and the City, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Scrubs.

I like Top Gear,really nice

Ghost Whisperer, Grey's Anatomy