Whats Your Favorite Tv Shows?! Anything and everything

The Simpsons, Lost, Queer as folk, Desperate Housewives, Friends, SouthPark and Torchwood.....

My favorite tv shows are: CSI Miami and all CSI, Queer as folk, weeds, ER, Without trace

CSI, Dr. House, Kuba Wojewódzki, The Simpsons <3

that 70s show, hannah montana, wizards of waverly place, america's next top model, project runway!

the Mentalist, Monk, NUMB3Rs, Big Bang Theory, IT Crowd, Royal Pains, Gossip Girl!!

Prison Break , Gossip Girl, Robin Hood , Survivor, The Amazing Race, CSI , America`s Best Dance Crew & more

House MD, Grey`s anatomy

House M.D, Will & Grace, CSI

let's see...
Futurama, family Guy, CSI: Miami,
YSMM, and thats about it😁

Friends! I also like 'Los Serranos' (it's a shame they don't show it in the UK).

prison break, supernatural, traveler(this one is canceled after 8 episodes TT), smallville

My favourite TV show will be TopGear UK (Clarkson very funny guy)

family guy n american dad

America´s Funniest Home Videos! 😃 They show it in Sweden😃

Ermmm Spongebob Squarepants! lmaoo(:

How I Met Your Mother and House MD !


NCIS 001_tt1 , The Mentalist 001_wub , HOUSE M.D. 001_icon16 , Supernatural thumbup2 , Medium thumbup1 , Doctor Who, Gossip girl, Friends, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway

Watched a few and found it ok : Lost, Heroes, Lie to me, Grey's Anatomy, Monk

would like to watch someday : Criminal minds, Dexter, True blood, Vampire Diaries

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