How do different countries view vegetarianism? Everyday life and customs

I have been a vegetarian for almost a year now. While I know several vegetarians/vegans that live in America, there are still people who act shocked when I tell them I am one. How do people view vegetarianism from other countries,and are there any vegetarians/vegans on here?

Yes, I am kind of vegetarian. actually I'm a pescotariër cause I do eat fish eggs and dairy produce.
People look quite normal at me when I tell them I don't eat meat, although some people are worried about me because they think I don't get enough food.
That's not true, I eat enough, and Í am happy with my decission 🙂

a few of my friends are vegans and the seems happy it, there arent any problems and everyone just exepts it
my uncle is a vegan to, in the past my family didnt like that but with years that went by and the populairty of veganisme its exepted normal

When someone cooks for a group of friends, the first question always is "is anyone a vegetarian?" so people here accept vegetarians a lot (:

At us people also accept them
They admire them a bit coz almost every german meal contents meat! XD
So its different to prepare a whole meal birthday for a vegetarianto get one well-fed..😉

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The German Green Party tried to force canteens to have one meat-free day per week, a so called Veggie-Day. This idea was heavyly debated and vanished quiet soon from the party's manifesto because people argued that nobody could be forced to eat meat-free meals - the politicians oppose our wills often enough in our daily live, but they can't keep us away from our daily schnitzel or "currywurst".

Although the Veggie-Day was a soon forgotten proposal I think that Germany is all in all open for vegetarism. I don't know any canteen that does not offer at least one vegetarian meal per day besides the "normal" meals.

I don't mind people being vegetarians or vegans as long as they don't try to convert me. I had a friend in university who was vegan; whenever we went eating together she looked at my plate and said things like: "Your food is killing my food." or "With your aditude concerning eating meat you gonna destroy the planet." That was more than annoying and I had to stop having lunch with her. Live and let live, isn't it what the people say? I allow every vegetarian/ vegan to enjoy their salad or whatever if I'm allowed to enjoy my steak.

They're acting normal here when I'm telling them that I'm vegetarian.

I don't eat meat 20 years. It is normal. I don't eat fish and chicken. I eat this food only seldom. But I drink milk and eat eggs rarely. I have ethical reasons I live in St.Petersbourg.

I AM VEGAAAAAAAN! We are discriminated all over the world xD

i eat dead animals just once in a while (and, when i do, i almost always feel really bad), and the only animal derived food i seldom eat are eggs. It's my choice, i did it for my health, for the health of the planet, and (last but not least) for animals, too. I'm convinced that it would be better for everyone not to eat everything that is an animal or animal derived, but i don't try to convince other people. I mean, i made a choiche, you made yours. The only thing i can (and i want) to is to discuss about it in a pacific way whith everybody: whith who can tell me more things about it, or with who knows nothing about it, so i can inform them. But people often say it's a bullshit that meat hurts humans. All vegan people I've meet in my life (myself included) feel physically terrible every time they eat something that is related to animals. That shows one of the reasons for which humans should stop eating that shit, but "non-vegan" people can't understand this.
Anyway, vegetarians and vegans are growing in number whith a speed i could not even imagine. Some vegan and vegetarian restaurants have being opened in my city in the last years and weeks. Unfortunately, they're still a few of them.

Here in India,Vegetarian was being practiced from decades ago but until a few recent years.A lot of animals like cows,snakes & few others are being portrayed as sacred animals through vedic books and hinduism.Also vegetarianism is popular from very long time dating back to the period of saints & sages who practiced vegan food and medicinal herbs & spices which has influenced a lot on South & North indian food today.But after Mughal invasion,The mughals influenced meat oriented dishes which changed the cuisine.Also there were few forest tribals who practiced a lot of meat.But the majority were Brahmins who were very religious and considered a sin to kill any animals for food or whatsoever.And hence they used to seperate themselves from other castes.
But even till the recent 70's,Vegetarians were the majority here with 65% of the population.But the trend started changing recently after the fast food restaurants like KFC,McDonalds gained popularity here.. And people focused more on looks & fitness through gym and a variety of meat oriented dishes started trending.But its also due to cultural diversity where people from different ethnicity are living and adapting to their lifestyle and cuisines..

So i'm a vegan myself,Even my relatives & family too.But i consume eggs sometimes.

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I have been a vegetarian for one year. In Italy we are discriminated and people usually act shocked thinking I am crazy. Here to be vegan or vegetarian is not normal because italians love eating their meat, their eggs or milk and don't believe someone could be different from them.
Going to the restaurant is not easy, it is difficult to find a meatless menu.

Here in Italy people are schocked when someone tells (s)he is vegetarian, but what I like is that most of the times there is a discussion about it in which both sides explain their view. Few people can accept it without thinking "omg (s)he is crazy", but I hope things will be better one day and vegetarians wil be seen just as nornal people

In france vegetarianism is not welcomed but begins to expand.
I'm vegetrian since 4 years and I'm starting to see an evolution on poeple's minds.

Heey, I am a vegitarian now for 8 years. In the Netherlands vegitarians are well accepted, there are a lot of people that don't eat meat, or less meat ( team iets minder vlees 🙂) One of my best friends buys a piece of bread with meat everyday in the local supermarket. He makes fun of my vegitarism and i make fun of his menu. every day. It's your own choice and people have to accept that. Even if they don't like it.
In the first year of my vegitarism my father had difficulty with cooking, now he cooks a separate vegitarian meal for me!

I hope you and your choice get accepted, otherwise... who cares?


Hey, guys! Want to become vegetarian, but it's too expensive in Novosibirsk, we haven't got enough fresh veges in winter(im from Siberia), but i see a progress!!! New vegan cafes , shops, so, even Siberia starts to think about vegetarians! Hope, more and more people will change their minds

Here in Perú the vegetarism is expanding evriwhere esept in the rural zones.

Generally the attitude towards vegetarianism is accepted, actually it is also something needed to do to be accepted and gain social status in some social circles here. There are also many restaurants who have vegetarian and vegan dishes on their menus, and this is not uncommon at all. I am not vegetarian myself since I live with my parents and my father has some kind of fetisch with meat so we eat it with almost every dish, although I think it is good that we eat less meat and more plant based food even though if I would decide I would not be vegetarian although I would drastically decrease meat consumption, not primarily for ethnical reasons but for health reasons + meat can be expensive