VIVA CHINA ! Politics and governments we all criticize Communism. Who criticizes Democracy? Does your govt. really represent the whole country? Most of the time, the political parties are ALL the same...and we don't want ANY of them. Yes, there's chance for that to change. But, I don't really see it changing, except in some patriotic movies. I love the freedom I get, but sometimes, you do wish Democracy really worked-of the people, for the people and by the people. Corruption is rampant. There is nothing "of the people, for the people" here. What are the other problems with Democracy?

I think that in theory Communism isn't a bad thing, the main problem is when it is put into practice. We can only dream of living in a classless society where everyone is equal, because our human nature won't allow it to be reality. We're too motivated by greed and our own self-interest to let it happen.

Those who are placed in charge will always take advantage of the people they represent. "Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely". It's a no-win situation because I think the majority of people need a leader or someone to follow.

In our society we need so many different people to maintain the living standards we have become accustomed to. Would people really be willing to have equal pay, even if they felt they contributed more to society than others? Not everybody is going to work hard and everyone has different abilities. We're all so different that I don't think any of us will ever be equal.

Just read this article

China... A great subject ! But it's interesting to see the point of view of chinese citizens.
By what we hear, read or see, I don't think China is a good country....
China afraid a bevy of european because it is alright the second economical power of the world and it will maybe a day be the first... And it's difficult to believe that a so great and strong country is always not democratic. The death penality must disappear. The government doesn't respect the human rights and torture the political prisoners and opposing people. They pretend they are communist and they always improve their economical power...
Moreover, there is the question of the Tibet. We saw it when the olympic flame crossed Paris. All these manifestants against China ... and defending China. These one shocked me more than the first ones. They were showing their flag, crying "Viva China !"
Did they really believe what they were saying ? I think the censorship is very efficient in China. And the propanganda is maybe more efficient.
The actuals events in the arab world have been censored. The web, the medias are not free.
Tibet has always been a territory of conquest for the Han people. But this population isn't chinese, they have their own language, their own culture, their own history. They have the right to be independant.
The proof of what I'm saying is that the children can't no more learn their own language at school !!! The chinese government wants to destroy their culture... And we say nothing cause we have economical interests with China, which are very huge for our governments.
The dalaî lama is a terrorist ? He is radical ? Of course, you don't believe it but a lot of Chinese are sure of that. That are the lies of Beijing.
If Chinese want to keep Tibet, it's because the great asian rivers come from here. And it's strategic. The next war will be the war of the water.
With these rivers and by building dams on them, China will make pressure on India, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, vietnam, or Bangladesh.
Moreover, a lot of ores are in Tibet. Gold, copper, but of course lithium !!
We can speak longer of China but I prefer to stop here. It was just an european point of view. Thanks to those who read everything 😉

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Hey! It's really funny, so many foreigers discuss China political question,just like you know everything about China. But I am afaird we know more about our country.I mant ask you some questions,have been to China ?have are really read a chinese histoy?If you haven't,I just mant to say you don't know China at all.I have read some people'sword.It's really make me upset .A person will be execute by shooting just because he steal thing to eat .I have nave heard such stupid thing.And chinese have no freedom at all?I mant to tell you we can comment our government any time in our speacelife.That things only heppen in forty years ago.You still listen your government TV news.I had handly witch the official news.It have too much politicize things .
China is a developing country,so It's normal that there are many part imperfections .But China is not bad as the report as your news propagandize.

It's true, I've nerver been in China. But I can assure I've enough knowledges about your country. I often read news, articles and what chinese citizens explain to our journalists. Indeed, we can only believe what our newspapers and TV chanels say. But we have free expression, free newspaper. We trust our journalists. But a day I'll go to China, cause I'm also interested by your country.
For the fact of somebody execute for steal, I accord to you that it must be a joke.
But for the question of liberty, please, allow me to be more pessimistic. You, Tianxingzhe, you maybe have your liberty. But it will also be interesting to hear the think of a tibetan man or woman. And what do you mean by "government TV" ? We don't have this kind of things, our media are free and our government have no TV, no newspaper....
And what about the censorship of the web ? Did you know that ? Your government is controlling youtube, dailymotion, twitter, etc ...
Did you hear about the last attempts of demonstrations in China, which have been stopped by the police ?

An interesting topic about politics.
If those people told the lie ignore my words or idslike me,I would never mind coz I'm just 14,too young to talk about "serious things" now.
Here I just want to say yes I could never agree with things like the controlling of some foreign websites,I hate this. But I think things that some of you said"I've got enough information about China,I read news,watch news...",also can be like the"government TV"that you told us. We can recongise what is true and what is not. I know there's something we don't want to see is happening in the government but ... no,something in somebody's comment aren't true. Some of our politicians are doing badly but we are tryin to delete these things.Tibet is a part of China,I believe that. Somebody can search about the history about Tibet,what was that like? What kinds of torture the old ruling class there were using? Now there aren't these things any more. Chinese government has built the railway to there that many foreigners thought couldn't be done,that is also true. So... please make sure you've got the real information.

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Tibet is a part of China ??? Do you really believe what you are saying ? Like I have alright said, Tibet has its own culture, his own language, his own history... The Tibet's history... I believe you never learned it to school.. I also never learned it but I know today Tibet has been a great empire during a long time with a great territory, bigger than the actual Tibet. I realize my knowledges are poor, but I'll found back the article which explained Tibet's history in few time... Anyway, you can't assure Tibet is a part of China !!! But, indeed, it's going to become one because of the "progress" you are giving to him. Airports, stations, railway, high ways.... All these things will help the Han people to colonize the Tibet. In Lhassa, less and less people are Tibetans !!! The Han people find work with all these great public works !! They are settling in Tibet, more and more... It's an invasion... Because, after the riots during 2008, you government understood the importance to control this region.
Moreover, if Tibet is today """ a part of China """, it's because all the great asian rivers come from it !!! Just look a map ! But I've alright say that and I don't want to repeat myself. There is also the reason of the ore... For the rivers, I'm looking my world map : indus, mékong, gange, brahmapoutre, salouen, yang-tse-kiang, machu, ... And, please, remember that the water is a great problem in China...

Okay... I heard that there are different peoples( I mean like Basque,not a person)... And we also have 55 different peoples except people in Tibet... They all have their own places living but they are also Chinese! My dad is from southwest China and he's not Han people(main people in China),but he thinks we should be together! Even Han people in different places have differences!

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And by the way, I learnt different peoples in China have different languages as well! I know they have their own culture,own language... It's not strange because in other Provinces there ARE Tibetan people,too!
Water is a problem in this world and you know, Yangtze River mostly in the "China"you meant! the part of it in "Tibet",isn't very useful at all!

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Ok you are right ! I didn't remember they are so much ethnic group in China... Of course they are also a lot of languages !
But, I don't know, maybe the Tibetan people are more different than the others ? Or maybe they are the biggest minority in China ?
During a time, they had their own country, so they are maybe more waiting about their independence... And I think it's possible they don't want to below to China. During the Tibet's annexation by China, there was a war ?
Of course, the majority of the states have ethnic minority but when these minorities want to be independant, we should accept it. In France, to give another example, they are 2 main movements of independence : the Basque people, who are between France and Spain, and the Corsica people. Why doesn't France give to them their independence ? Because they are very few people, because it's only a part of these populations who wants to be separate from France, because we live together since many centuries... And because they realize terrorist attacks (little events, not the World Trade Center).
And about the Yangtze river, I don't think it isn't the most important, too. The most important ones are those which cross India and all the countries of the South East Asia. It's a strategic choice. To build dams and because India has also a problem with water. Moreover the Yellow River, in China (I don't know its chinese name), can't rejoin the see, during many months ! With its needs of energy and food, China has also a problem with water.
But you're right, more and more countries have to worry about that, like Turkey, Egypt, Australia, Saudi Arabia, ...

For equal division of unequal earnings,

Idler, or bungler, or both, he is willing

To fork out his penny and pocket your shilling." quote from 'The Grand Promenade', author unknown

All totally free economies are generally predicted to go towards an M shaped society with a very large portion of the population poor and a small percentile exceedingly rich. This is a problem that free economies face. While communism seems like a pretty option, the means and goal behind communism is still equal dispension of wealth. People don't like to work under such conditions, because they'll be fed anyway, so why not let others do the hard work while we just 'pretend' to work and earn our equal stipends? Society would not improve through this system. It is a flawed philosophy. A better option would be a free market government that also stresses socialism. Communism is only one form of socialism, and a rather extreme, simplistic one at that. Perhaps, French-touch, you could change your support for more socialism rather than straight out communism. I believe that countries like Finland are doing quite well under such systems (though their sharing culture also has something to do with it as well).
Democratic communism is an interesting option. When free economy has come to full bloom, most of the population will be poor, so there will be a large support for democratic communism. However, if the whole population is still educated at least to high school standards, it would still choose socialist inclined democracies rather than communism. Because all in all, the driving force behind our thriving civil society is the free market. So one might say that it is in the rich people's interests to keep a certain standard of living for the whole population - education and food. Because without education and sustainence, people will revert to radical socialism and start violently attacking the rich.
However, we are sidetracking. China is no longer under communist ideals. Rather, it has taken out all the ideals of communism (equal dispension) and replaced it with all the flaws, and wealth of free economy. This makes a great many Chinese people happy, as their wealth is growing in proportions which were unknown to them twenty years ago. These are the ones who are singing their country's praises on international forums. However, this still excludes the people who are kicked down the ladder of free economy - the poor onion farmers whose lands are sequestered, the AIDS villages which are hushed up, the rural areas where educational resources are still scarce. These people do not have a voice in the international forum because they either don't have good english resources, or their advocates (lawyers, the media) are silenced.
While taking out all the good of communism, China retains all the bad of communism. Mainly, being an authoritarian country where the opinions of the minority are silenced. No Chinese journalist has joined the International Federation of Journalists (, because there is no media freedom there. All NPOs in China are regulated by the government, so there are technically no NGOs in China.

I'm totaly okay with you about china. It retains all the bad.

But for me that's is not a fact. Communism has not to become violent and a dictature. Today, communism is different than 50 years ago. My example comes from my country, France. There are dirrefent communist parties. But at lot of them don't want to destroy the liberal economy. THen want a stronger governement, more public stuff and more democtratie. They don't want of a president that have more power than everybody. When i say it I mean that today, communism comes with democratie, freedom and equality.

When you spoke about the economic limit of the communism. "People don't like to work under such conditions, because they'll be fed anyway, so why not let others do the hard work while we just 'pretend' to work and earn our equal stipends?"
I agree, but it could be work with everybody had a different way of thinking. If working for the community is more important than working for himself, there communism could work. Because you don't work to become richer, but to help the community.
The problem is that today, a lot of people just want to earn money, to become richer and richer. The system we use already works because a lot of poor people think that they could become rich... But today they can't. Rich people are richer, there children will be the rich people of tomorow.... I think that the way we are using won't work everytime. One day it will change. Change with keeping the best (the democratie, freedom...) and takin the best of socialism-communism (the one of today).

I hope you understood me, i'm tired it's late 😃 Sorry, my english could be better than now..
yawn flowers

No your wrong poor people do have a chance to become rich. I see on T.V. frequently the richest people began as the poorest people. Think of Bill gates and many more. He started in his own garage. And do you people think that these people do not donate. THE DONATE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS BILL GATE donated like 80% of his money. Let me tell you a true case it was on the news. Bill Gates was going around the world having dinners for rich people and then asking them for some donations to charity. When Bill Gates went to China and asked the richest people of China to have dinner with him (so later asking for money for charity) noone showed up.90% of them didn't show up. Well you can't blame the chinese because China used to be so poor and now at the chance to pounce on money they want to hold on not letting go for fear of becoming what they used to. Overall, yes the idea of communism is beautiful but governments become too dicatorial. I have many Chinese friends they love their race but the thing is most of them dislike their regime and the close countrol China has on its people. People say China is rich but tbh 5% of Chinaman are rich businessman the 95% are peasants. That is totally not equality yes China is improving but its still a long way at least 50 years of work. The harm Mao Ze Dong has done to the country is slowly being mended but the country is still harmed. To be honest if China vanished off the face of the earth it would not really matter. :S Im not saying all Chinese are bad but many under the influence of the government of China are very racist and mean. I mean more than other races in my opinion. And arrogant. They think they are the best. Also about the coldwar thinking? did you know China see's America as the number 1 enemy still!! after so many years China still wants to destroy America. Like common. America has no wish to destroy China but only sees them as a threat. If it werent for America's debt China would be very keen on destroying America.

Also, an example of false chinese media is when the Chinese say da lai lama is a violent activist. I am sure Da Lai Lama is a peaceful man. Also during the nobel prize I think last year a Chinese peace person won it. China denied that he was Chinese and called this man who won the nobel prize a traitor. China is still very back in time morally they have a long way to go. I would like to add China is a very dangerous and threatening country e.g pointing 4000 missiles at 23 million people on the island of Taiwan. Many people seriously dont want viva China because of this. You see where I'm coming from?

Hey! It's really funny, so many foreigers discuss China political question,just like you know everything about China. But I am afaird we know more about our country.I mant ask you some questions,have been to China ?have are really read a chinese histoy?If you haven't,I just mant to say you don't know China at all.I have read some people'sword.It's really make me upset .A person will be execute by shooting just because he steal thing to eat .I have nave heard such stupid thing.And chinese have no freedom at all?I mant to tell you we can comment our government any time in our speacelife.That things only heppen in forty years ago.You still listen your government TV news.I had handly witch the official news.It have too much politicize things .
China is a developing country,so It's normal that there are many part imperfections .But China is not bad as the report as your news propagandize.
Hey buddy, Why does your country still stick the face of Mao Ze Dong on a building highlighting his heroic figure. When he destroyed the Chinese culture? Killed 70million people of his OWN FELLOW CHINESE people. The Chinese say he made mistakes it was not intentional. Are you serious? 70million people= the number of people dead in WW2 THE WHOLE WAR acrosss the world just in china!? It was a mistake starving people?? realy it was a mistake!! Doesnt it hurt to know your own chinaman died whilst your great leader ate delicious cuisines and feasts. What do you think of when you see North Korea during the death of their "Great Leader" its a comedy. I have read books from CHINESE people who recount the days making massive books about history in China and they are acknowledged professors. The book is called Mao. It's about his whole life. China has alot of way to improve but its not impossible give it 50 years. I would also like to add the recent nobel peace winner is Chinese This fellow Chinaman is currently exiled from China for being an activist against the Chinese government. food for though 😃 Also may I ask why did China ban facebook? LOL because it's influencing young chinese people with poisonous western idea's?

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