Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgendered People in YOUR Society Politics and governments

Traditionally, being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is taboo in many Western cultures. Homosexuals, transsexuals, and other queer people have been discriminated against for such a long time; however, in the past ten years of the United States' history, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights have severely expanded from what they once were. There was a time when gay partnerships and gay marriage were completely unheard of, yet today in the United States, more than six states offer gay marriage with equal rights and benefits as straight couples on a state level. With the repeal on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," many gay Americans can serve in the military and be open about their sexuality. In many recent surveys, many Americans are found to have no problem with their fellow LGBT citizens. Unfortunately, the United States is FAR behind Canada and other progressive nations in Europe.

After a large controversy, the UN recently adopted a measure to restore a gay rights clause within a human rights resolution regarding killings, a clause that was removed a few weeks earlier. This meant a lot to the world. If you haven't heard about it, you can read about it here: http://www.fridae.com/newsfeatures/2010/12/22/10507.un-restores-sexual-orientation-clause-to-killings-resolution

What are your beliefs on LGBT rights and LGBT people? What are your country's policies on LGBT rights? Do you disagree with the political actions on LGBT rights within your country? Let's keep it clean and intelligent!

For example, in the United States, I am quite disappointed with LGBT rights. I believe that all humans are created equally and deserve the same rights. I don't think that gender matters, and it shouldn't be an issue.

Okay, let's go!

I do not believe that they should have any less or more right than any other people. I don't see them as different, they are just like any of us. I'm lucky to be living in BC (Canada). We are a province that allows same sex marriage. Same sex couples receive the same right as straight couples, and that should be the case. Although hate crime still exist against homosexuals, but most people in BC are very open-minded about it. They are just human like the rest of us. If we take away gender/sex, no matter if you're gay/straight/transgender, we are people who fall in love with other people. I like the idea of thinking of everybody in the world as One nation and One gender.

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To me to spit on orientation of the person absolutely.
If with the person is about what to talk, to me all the same.

In Poland the situation of LGBT is a good example of changes in our society. We are changing from a conservative to more open country. Nowadays gays and lesbians are accepted well in cities and towns, recently I heard about a small village gay-mayor who is accepted by local conservative society. There are politicians and pop stars officialy declaring their homosexualism and it's not a problem in general. This situation provokes politician to discuss about changing the law because in Poland gay marriages are forbidden. Nowadays there's a discussion about so called 'partnership relationships' for homo and hetero-sexual but I think that before parliamentary elections any decision will be made in Poland. Greetings!

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In France gay people can marry since some weeks now. This is a very good thing, the only persons who didn't want it were catholics or from the "republican party". They are like other people, they aren't different, nobody can decides for them what do they have to do. I'm sorry but for me, the gay situation in many countries now is like the Jews situations while the Holocaust, I don't see why will they not have rights like the other, just because it's written in the Bible? It makes me so angry, I can't understand that people care about the other opinion, this is unthinkable in a "civilzed society" like now. l

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Yesterday the Federal Court in Germany ruled that homosexual married couples (so called "Eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaften" - registered partnerships) need to be treated like heterosexual married couples when it goes to taxes (Germany has a special tax system for married people). This is more than overdued!!
I still hope for unquestioned equality of homosexuals. It makes me sick to see them being discriminated.

In Russia banned the propaganda of homosexuality. Because the law is no definition of what the ban could fall even world history. It is forbidden to promote such relations to persons under 18 (age of majority in our country). In connection with this came the term "404 children" (as error 404). These people have not attained the age of majority, but realized his otrientats.as if these children do not exist. In America, a long way behind with respect to such freedom, and in Europe it was a long time ago, just netglasno. You can cite the example of the law of "Do not Ask, Do not Tell" and related this story (as if these children do not exist. In America, a long way behind with respect to such freedom, and in Europe it was a long time ago, just netglasno. You can cite the example of the law of "Do not Ask, Do not Tell" and related this story(http://www.calpernia.com/aboutme/soldiers-girl/)

here its all cool. at least to me it is.People that r against gay,bi,lesbian and transgender r weird. They can think it but do not punish people for something thats not a crime and do not try to cure them from a disease that doesnt exist

Like other countries, Turkey was a bit taboo too, but now new rights and everything are coming for homosexuals...etc. Its fine in my country, i find them as equal as other genders. People must respect them a bit in all countries.

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If you accept yourself you should be able to do the same with every other human being, regardless of that person's look or orientation whatsoever.

I'm okay with the fact that there are people who fall in love with the same gender. I hate it when people are judged by their choice. A human is a human and their choice doesn't make a difference.

It's disgusting and contrary to human nature. They need to be treated or simply ban marry and adopt children, distribute their views.

In my opinion, the only thing that's "against nature" about LGBT is homophobia.
to me, the fact that a person is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight is "important" just like the color of the hair or of the eyes, the place where he/she was born, or the fact that he/she is right or left handed.
love is love. no matter what gender the person you love is.

in Holland its quite normal. the people doesnt think that those people are crazy or something. they are just people, just like you and me. the only different thing is that they can't fall in love on the other sex. if you can't be happy with pretending you love the other sex, you shouldnt. you should be yourself. i think you can't take the happyness of those people by saying that they can't have a boyfriend or girlfriend from the same sex. let this people just be a human. everybody wants to be fair treaded. they aren't different. i have 3 friends who are gay, you dont notice it. they are just normal, they like the same things as boys who fall in love on girls. i think that there aint difference about people who are gay or lesbienne and boys and girls who fall in love on the other sex. those people have rights too and they have a life so let them live there live on the way they want.

i think that anybody has to account for their sexual orientation.
I mean, it's like asking: "do you support people who likes rock music?"
120 years ago, in UK, women were a property of their housbands
less than 70 years ago, in my country (Italy) women couldn't vote yet
It sounds scary nowdays, but it's 2014 and we're still talking about supporting or not gay rights. It was like 70 years ago, when people were discussing whether supporting women's rights or not. Isn't it insane? Are we talking about sane humans or the worst evils on earth?

Anyway, here in Italy lots of people still can't accept that GLBT people are, as their "name" say, people. Some days ago my aunt said to me: "homosexuality phenomenon is growing even more. Who knows why. i've read something about the connection between it and the too-much-consumption of sugar. Who knows." I was shocked. I was about to shout her: "Oh my good, i'm lesbian and i don't have diabetes, so please stop telling that craps!", but i moderated myself and i decided to shut up. Trying to convince this kind of people is like trying to convince a pacific and non-violent person that american's war in Afghanistan is a right war

In Germany especially in big citys like Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin it is not a problem to be gay most people just watch for a second and do not really care. Just in little villages or quite catholic citys it could be difficult to live without a kind of discrimination. We got even many muslims in Germany a majority of them donnot really like gays but their even some who do not care and just see you as a human being.

The gouvernment treat same sex couples like others when it is about taxes, but they are not allowed to marry or addopt a child.
You can have a registred Partnership but thats all.