Crisis in Ukraine? Politics and governments

Who is guilty in the crisisin Ukraine? Russia or USA?

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International organisations

Ukrainians and nobody else.

Russia and W. Putin.

Putin and russian government are guilty in this war.

The crisi in Ukraine is a consequense of USA's geopolitical expension. War isn't a solution but the men know nothing else. They are guilty !

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Marnickie's statement was spot on, IGOs are the guilty. To be precise, Clinton's brisk and rush attempt to expand Nato eastwards during the 1990's is the origin of all this in the first place.






The people who are prophiting off of war. If you follow the money you will have the answer.

So many men, so many minds.

Russland hat Schuld

aliens of course

USA is trying to spread their power all over the word, they would make their "slaves" all countries in the word. They come to other country who doesn't play on their rules with war to "protect democracy" or " find and destroy nuclear bomb" but in reality they destroy regimes which local people chose to live.
Iraq, Libya...They destroyed their usual regime and what we see now? still no normal life, the terrorists.
According to Syria...they saying that Asad is dictator and came to their territory WITHOUT invitation just because they decided it! they bomb it and Europe is suffer from millions of refugees, why they didn't took people to their territory if they "is helping" ?
USA creates Russophobia, because without one power enemy in the word NATO is absolutely useless instrument and they will not earn money from this point...
I Think every country has the right build their own systems according to traditions and wishes of people who lives there, system which even different from constitution of USA.
Weak corrupt government is guilty In Ukraine crises, they have listen to advise of USA don't use the force against rebels what cause that the rebels attacked and changed the government by ILLEGAL way! And USA just supported rebels, why they didn't proposed to organise impeachment procedure without blood and war if they support "democracy"? Off in that case Russia protected her borders and her habitants. And Russia had the risk to have NATO close to her borders at Black Russia had to let USA spread their power close to her? I think no, Russia is independent country with her own interests and she doest not want become the next "slave" of America.

What Russia? Putin who? The conflict in eastern Ukraine is a purely internal conflict!!! Here Russia plays no role at all! Who is this so-called "warmonger"? The USA of course! And they stick their noses into every little thing. Russia has nothing at all to do with the conflict in Ukraine!! Unfortunately, it was Poroshenko who destroyed the relationship with Russia at that time. Like I said, it's an internal conflict, WITHOUT Russia. It's not Russia's fault!!!
The USA wants wars in all countries, because so they can earn more money...NOT RUSSIA!!!! Russia wants the PEACE, and NOT THE WAR! THE WAR WANTS THE USA!!!!