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What's your idea about Adolf Hitler? Good thumbup2 So So :mellow Bad :hang:

Not good, for sure...
A miserable man, I think :|

Hung. Yen, how do you know?

I learned from history class 🙂

Simply put, Holocaust=not good
And when I say miserable....he killed himself, didn't he?

He did kill himself and his wife eva braun

He killed millions of people, it's not about himself anyway.

I don't like him, but he was smart, very smart, Getting so much people behind him, and let them kill them, he was smart in those actions, even tho, he wasn't a good person.

I don't judge people for their belief. But anyway, his example shows how dumb and easy to manipulate people are.

This is a strange topic :huh:

Hitler probably was a guy who wanted to 'bring up' Germany again after the First World War at which Germany was kind of stripped of it's 'greatness' afterwards, in which he fought in himself, pretty brave too and later on the world wide economic depression ofcourse which crippled Germany even more in sharp contrast to the German greatness of the first two 'reichs' which united Germany and won almost all military battles with the political and military power of Prussia.

Himself a guy with many frustrations and disillusions about his country, europe and the whole world by several experiences in his life and later on emprisoned by his own dillusional beliefs, set out to revive that greatness once again, under the 'third reich' succeeding the Weimar Republic, reffering to the Prussian military, political greatness in the preceding two 'German Reichs'.

The big problem with Hitler is he blatently blamed especially Jews, but also Slavic people, Gypsy's, russian-bolshewiks, etc. of all harm in the world and the harm being inflicted on Germany, which is rather a sick political, military and diplomatic game between nations/governments, instead of blaming it on specific ethnical groups.

Only good thing about him is he wanted to make Germany great again, allthough his childlike nationalistic emotions and dillusional beliefs about 'who did what', then to realize he was interested in like 16 year old girls at a fairly old age and even his young niece, and not in a traditional uncle way... who by the way killed herself under the weird restraint of Hitler's lust for power and dominance over certain people in his life.

Hitler had several mental problems and frustrations at the likes, but was very, very efficient in galvanizing a croud of German people who had had to live under poverty for many years due to the economic depression and after the First World War and then to be put to work again by a new government, so a fairly amount of German people could go home with paychecks at the end of the day(Ensuring his popularity), was a thing Hitler was master in, together with his ministers, especially Goebbels; minister of Propaganda.

So yea, he was pretty bad, it didn't worked out that well, did it?:/

Stalin was worst than him but since Stalin was on the winning side, no one really talks about him.

very cruel

Hello, I am a representative of Russia want to stand up for Stalin. You know who is Hitler? What did he do? Hitler - crazy. He fixated of idealism and plan for the conquest mira.Chego he want? to create a unified nation-Aryan people with light brown hair and blue eyes. It is impossible not to admire his oratorical skill ...But not in any way be compared to his Stalin ... Stalin led his active policy ... After the October Revolution of Russia suffered a great misfortune: famine, death. Stalin wanted to make the people of devotees of people dedicated-communism! Yes, he spent rastrely ... Not for nothing we say in Russia, "Stalin on you not!"Hitler, who went crazy for millions, and Stalin the man who defended their homeland! And he in 1941 when the Nazis were in Moscow did not commit suicide, do not like Hitler in the 45th.

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He wasn't a monster, and we have to REMEMBER it. Sure, there are people who are as MAD as him, and we never, ever, have to forget about it....

Are you serious about that "good" ?? Everybody knows that he was evil and he even wasn't a german. I think he was a real psychopath who killed many many people and he thought he knew everything about the world and races but he was not very intelligent and the thing with the aryan race was missunderstood by him. The Nazis abused this description... and he was the worst thing ever happened to Germany.😁

No, he was a German, he was it and what he did, he did not one of them went to hundreds of thousands of Germans! And they do not call you by the Germans after the war, according to statistics every five Germans who living in Germany after the war was a former member of the National Democratic Movement! I'm after a trip to Germany was given the nickname Nazi-think no need to explain why!You have unleashed the Second World War the people of the Germans! For what you did you will be paying for years to come! My grandfather died in the 1942 year because it's a psychopath, but killed his German!

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+1 RoyW

why are people even talking about Hitler? If you want to discuss about war criminals and mass murderers, focus on the current ones that are around today.