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16, from
Something to tell the world!

Hi. My name is Sabri. I'm 16 and I live in Mantes-la-Jolie, near Paris, France. I'm french and my parents are Algerian, so I’m both ! I also consider myself as palestinian. I’m also muslim. You may be disappointed not to be facing a "real" French who has already drunk wine or who has already set foot in the Notre-Dame church in...

20, from Grenoble
Something to tell the world!

**If you don't have reply from me** You can add me on Instagram : My second Instagram account : kryptonluv Hey I'm Yanis I want to meet new people and discover cultures from all around the world Write me if you want to know more Maybe we can be friends

30, from Taroudant
My proudest accomplishments

my highest test grade, my blood test. A+

21, from Appignano
Something to tell the world!

Hi everyone, my name is Eleonora and I'm from Italy and i'm looking for a lasting friendship!! :D One of my current mottos: There is not enough water in the world to put out our flame of freedom. ~~~~~I love to read and write songs, poems, I've been doing it for years. I am currently collecting ideas for writing a book (If you...

17, from
I always enjoy talking about...

I always enjoy talking about music, food, nature and countries you have or want to visit. But there are a lot more topics I like to listen to and talk about

47, from Schriesheim
Cities and countries I have visited

Amo la Sicilia e sopratutto la città di Catania e l'Etna. Maar ik hou ook van Belgie en Nederland, bijzonders van Vlaanderen en Gent en Antwerpen. Ungarn fand ich auch ganz große Klasse, vor allem die kleinen Städte wie Eger und die Landschaft an der Donau und der Theiß. Wien und Österreich liebe ich auch sehr! Außerhalb von Europa war...

46, from
Something uncommon about me

My visual appearance doesn't match my musical taste at all. 🤘😇🤘

53, from Mechernich
Cities and countries I have visited

Frankreich, Italien, Finnland, Holland, Tschechien, Österreich, Süd-Tirol, Griechenland, Türkei.

41, from
Personal skills

Ich bin verrückt, für jeden Spaß zu haben, sportlich aktiv, kann aber auch tiefgehende Gespräche führen ... Ich mache aus dem Negativen das Positive ... Bleib cool ... keep smilling 😉😊 Und für Menschen, die in meinem Herzen sind, die ich lieb gewonnen habe ... würde ich alles tun ...

27, from
Something to tell the world!

Hello the World, I created my first account on this site 10 years ago and then left and came back nearly 8 years ago. I have made great pen pals since my first account and even met some of them in real life. I want more pen pals if possible at least one in each country. I first traveled abroad when I was 10 and it was a real...

24, from Doetinchem
I always enjoy talking about...

Hello stranger, welcome to my Penpal Gate page! I'm Jasper from the Netherlands. I'm here to talk with people from all kinds of different cultures. Tell me about your hobbies, music taste etc. I'm a big fan of rock music (Jack White, Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath,...

15, from Kegalle
Something uncommon about me

Im a 15 years old girl from sri lanka, and am a sinhalese. I can speak english too. Im friendly towards anyone. And i hv this trust issue. Not that i rarely trust anyone. Its that i trust almost everyone. I know i shldnt. And most of my friends say that im innocent, kind,and nice.haha idk abt that. According to my brother, im rather...