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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hi there! 🌸
    My name is Marie and I am a 19 (nearly 20) years old student from Germany. I have a passion for arts, and I’ve recently taken up volleyball. In the past, I also played the guitar and enjoyed horse riding, although I’ve left both of those hobbies behind.
    I’m eager to make new friends and connect with people from all over the world 🙂

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I've been to several western European countries like France, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and England. Altough I loved all of these countries, one of my biggest dreams is to travel across Oceania one day🌏

  • A career without obstacles

    I am a dual student who's studying Online media - so basically marketing stuff

  • Living abroad for one year

    I was actually planning to do a gap year in Australia but I didn't do it because of my studies


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