You like music? English

What is your favourite general music?I like music classic,rok and jazz,and you? :clap

I very like hip hop 😉


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Country, classical, rock, heavy metal, pop and house electro 😛

Yes!!!!!!! 🙂 I like so the music. I listen many musics from much countries of this world. I like to listen R'N'B, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Metal, Pop Rock, Techno Pop music. 🙂

I adore music! I don't think I would be the same person if there was no music, I don't have preference, but I think I like rock and house the most. (:

Pop, Rock, Country, R&B... 😛unk

Music is my life.. 🙂
I don't have preference, but if you had to choose something it would be Rock..

I think the best bands are from Europe.Though In US there are (or were) bands such as NINE INCH NAILS,PANTERA,ALICE IN CHAINS,RED FLAG,CAUSE AND EFFECT,TKK...From Latin America I like so much SODA STEREO(Argentina),CAIFANES(México),LA LEY(Chile). And from my country there were a couple of bands,but I can´t remember the names now.
I used to play the bass when I was young,maybe 20 or something.The band was called YOU NEVER LOVED. A friend of mine uploaded a few songs and created a profile on Facebook,but I think he´s wasting his time,since the band does not exist anymore.Now it is just a reminder of our youth. taz

Rap, Hardcore 🙂

Metal, over all, but also soundtracks, rock, and the only rap I listen to is Eminem (:

hard rock 4ever, and somtimes metal

country, rock, and rave ;D

I basicly like all music, apart from rap and new R&B. I listen to rock, alternative, countrypop and punk most, though 😁

Yeah ! Rock for Life !
I like : rock, punk, ska and reggae =)
Viva Big D and the kid Table !

Rap and R&B 😃

Screamo , Metal , Dubstep , nintendo core