Cosplay! English

I'm going to make a Hetalia cosplay and I'll be Russia.
I've bought nearly everything, but there still miss his coat.
If anyone can tell me a site that I can trust for shipping and payment, or maybe if there's somebody who wants to sell the coat ...
Well, please, answer soon.
Thanks, BlackOps.

Unfortunately, I'm not really sure...have you tried Ebay? That might be your best bet.
And good luck on your cosplay, I love Hetalia~ 😁

Thanks, I love Hetalia too xD
I tried Ebay, but I don't really like the prices ...

Yeah, some people charge a lot for cosplay...>3< I suppose this one is slightly less expensive than most I've found (But not by much...)
I will keep looking for you~

Ah, thank you a lot 😁

Your welcome~ ^-^