Problems with speaking :P English

Hey! I know English well and don't have problems when I want write something. But speaking...well it's another story... How you learn to speak in foreign language?

For my part it was write in english who was a problem. Nevertheless not now and it's because I has been in England and Wales for one week when I was sixteen y.o that I haven't this problem now. I listen much musics in english as I don't lost my english and I watch many movies in english too. But even if it isn't everyday I sometimes meet english people in the life and that I tryed to talk with them. As this I can to see how I have progressed. 🙂

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I think that you should listen to a lot of English music, ones that you can hear the words clearly. Or watch a movie~
Just listen to the pronounciation very carefully and watch they way their mouth moves when they sound certain letters, it really does help!
Or, if you want, Skype someone English and talk to them! 😁
I'm a native English speaker, but this helped me when I was taking French.

Well, thanks for advices! So maybe somebody want to talk using Skype? But I must say that I'm not sure I can say something not silly in English 😛 I just feel the language barieer 😛 And now I have only microphone no cam...

Any volunteers? 😉

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