Useful techniques to learn a language English


what are the best techniques to learn a language?What do you do to improve your listening and speaking?to write?

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There isn't a best technique for to learn a language. You can born in family who makes many journeys by the world. It's more easy in this case. Or you can born in family where you do sometimes journeys but not enough... -_- In this case all technique are good : To have personnal lessons, to listening music and movies in the languague that you want to learn. Finally if during your school period you want a language that your school don't learn; a book which to learn this language in ten lessons can be very brilliant.

You need good motivation. I learn different languages these way:
- I look penpals from China if I wanted to learn chinese and if I wanted to learn example Spanish I try to find Spanish penpals
- I go to library and I borrow language and culture books
- I try to find information about that country culture what language I want learn (it's important to know something about culture, then you can understand where some letters or characters come)
- If I wanted to remember some machine example microwave I wrote ''microwave'' on different language and everytime when I use microwave I try to remember first what it is example on Swedish
- I go to language courses (in school it's not fun to study because of homeworks and exams)
- Listeng music and try to translate some words
- I wrote up some words what I don't remember and I try to learn those

Make a friend who knows the language.If he or she is willing to help you completely and is very good at the language.
First ask basic things like how to say"How are you?How is weather & so on."
Then u may go with big paragraphs which u think would help u understand the lang better.Try having a conversation in that language with some help of translators or penpals.
The important thing is practice whatever u feel works for you in learning the language.Once u are intermediate at the language..speak with someone who knows the langauage and u'll get much better..Hope this helps..

hi, i want to practice my english with people wanting to learn frensh or arabic , i want to speak with person who knows english language , thanks

What helps me best is watching videos in that language with English subtitles. For example, I was watching a Japanese drama, and the character said "Watashi..." which mean I. When I saw Watashi meant the English word I, it helped me to memorize it.
Also, read some books in that language, even if you don't understand it, you become familiar with some accents or characters of letter. (Whatever language you are learning)
Or, use this site to your benefit. Find someone who's willing to help you in the language.
Also, Practice makes perfect!