What do you think about 2012? English

What do you think about 2012? How you think, what is it look like? How it's will be? It's will be, yes? balloon

i think earth will ruin.. but I don't want to die.. Im just 16 +_+

I do believe the Earth will wear out eventually, but I don't think it will be next year, regardless of what the Mayan Calender says. But that's just my opinion. 😛

Okey, it can be hot or cold or meteorite😉 So much reasons😉

2012 is a bull...it's not true. I've read an article recently about the mistake with the date. It can be in 2120..or something...or never. Just live life guys, the end of our life/Earth can happen every single day.

i'm going to college. 🙂) i can't wait. this means freedom 8->

at least our knowledge is about 90% of what we know from others. so I don't know what will happen - but don't believe that it will be in 2012. And if it will happen then - at least I can't do anything against it! So I handle it as MeMarie - just live my life!

Uuum it's another year that has passed as far as I'm concerned xD 😃

work, work, work

This Stefanie Sun is really good singer.

it's just a silly thing. nothing gonna happen. so don't worry.

It's totaly false because I read in scientific document that the Mayan Calendar don't stop in 2012 but in 2116. We've again the time to die if the legend must to realize. xD

Where did the Mayans say that the end of their calender meant the end of the world? For all we know they probably ran out of stone to carve their calenders or something. xP