I want a PenPal from Korea, Japan or China. English

Hi! i'm 13 years old girl from finland. I'm looking for a PenPal, ho live in Korea, Japan or China. You can be boy or girl.
So... Mail me. Thanks. winkiss

And ask if you want to know something. 🙂

Hi! I live in Taiwan(near China, Japan, Korea), and I speak Chinese.

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I'm Korean^.^! Do you know any K-pop singers?

I would of Penpal from Japan by snail mail, try them for so long time.

Hello~~ I'm korean ...
i want to make a firend ..

hey I am Chinese
I would like makes friends with you if you like .haha

Hi~ I'm from korea
I wanna mail with you

i'm a chinese,i can be your penpal!

Hello 🙂

I would love to get to know people from Japan,Korea or Chin as well ♪
I'm an 18-year-old girl living in germany, my hobbies are Music (beside listen to it,I play guitar and clarinet), doing sports, drawing, going out with friends, travelling and lots more.

Well, if you like, plese do not hesitate to mail or leave me a comment/message ♥

Jiwon.N. // yes i know. 🙂 of course

ALL // Mail me 😛

Hi !
I'm a French boy of 17 and I would like to have a Japanese penpal. I'm found of Japanese culture. I love j-music and hardrock, I have a metal band and practise aikido and swiming. But I think it's important to know that, I have a handicap : I'm blind.
Please send me an Email or a comment.

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i'm a chinese,i can be your penpal!
That would be nice 🙂