Postal mail, anyone? :D English

Hi! I'm a 13 year-old girl from the USA. I am looking for postal (snail) mail penpals.


I live in French, I'm 13 years-old and I'm looking for a correspondent by letter !!!
If you always are interessed, send-me a mail !

Bye !


I'm Russian. I'd love to correspond with you))

hello my name´s dalvyn i´m 17 and i´ve a poor english lol i live in france

Hey, I'm Nadia, I'm 17 and I'd love to correspond with someone through snail mail 🙂
If interested just send me an email!

yes i´m intereste but when i want send you a mail it´s signale error


I'm Ramona and search for pen-friends all over the world!
I want to correspondend in postal mail...

Please write me an E-Mail, then i give you my adress! ... 🙂

I'm interested in snail pen friends comng from anglosaxon UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand 🙂 send me a privete message 🙂

It sounds very interesting! I'm Cynthia, 17 years old. I come from Taiwan🙂

hey, I'm interested in snail mail pen friends mainly from italy, france or the UK. I'm Alex and I'm from Australia.

Hey, I'm Alexander I'm 16 and I'd love to correspond with someone through snail mail

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hi every body
i'm Abdallah from Algeria 19 years old
and i'm looking for penpals from all the world
and i'm interesting postal letters

Hello my name is Cynthia but you may call me Cindy! I'd be interested in exchanging postmail with you! I'm twenty years old And will be twenty one in june And i live in the usa

I'm from Taiwan...I'd like to change postcard around the world 🙂

I'm ivana from france i'd like to have friends from everywhere but i dont always have the internet that's why i'd prefer letters
: )

ok unashamed i love writing letters.....

yes..I'm Giulia, I'm 14 and Italian...If you want you can send me an email!
Bye! 😉
xx winkiss

Hey everyone 🙂
My name is Monika, I'm turning 18 next month and I'm from Lithuania.
I would love to exchange postmail with you 🙂
If anyone is interested just write me an e-mail, so we could exchange adresses.
Hope to hear from you 🙂