Help me for my english ! ^^ English


I live in France, and I really want someone to help me learn English. if someone could help me, it would be great! Although in exchange if people want to learn french I'm available.
Sorry I speak very little English!

I doubt that anyone in here will have the time and knowledge to teach you an entire language 😉 .
My bet would be, that you ought to hire a private teacher or something like that 🙂 .

Well, I would like to teach anyone who want to learn something. I am not a native speaker nor living in U.S but at least I can do my best to help

If you would like to,you can just send a message

Well I also want to help. Just message me or mail me.

maybe we can help each other, I want to improve my french. 😃


I agree that I could not learn English in one day, but especially for the basics and stop using always translate to a translator! ^ ^

I am non a native English speaker.but I am studying this language since I was 11,and now I'm studying it at university.If you are in need,email me or message me 🙂

If you still need assistance in learning English, I will help

Yes yes still need help ^ ^

If you still need help with English, I've been speaking it my entire life, and I'd be glad to help. 🙂

I need help to improve my English 🙂 and I'd like be glad in it...

I'm a 62-year-old native of San Francisco, California. English and creative writing were my majors in school. I would be happy to help anyone with the English language. To begin with, the correct way of saying, "Help me for my english!" would be, "Help me with my English!"
I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have.


If anyone needs help, I can also lend a hand. I am a native speaker from Kansas, in the U.S.A.. Although I don't speak French, so that may be a problem. Just send me an email or find me on Facebook if you need any help. 🙂
I doubt anyone will ask me though, with such an impressive resume above me. Lindon sounds much more professional than me. 🙂

French: (C'est la part du traducteur, il est donc probablement horrible.).
Si quelqu'un a besoin d'aide, je peux également donner un coup de main. Je suis un locuteur natif du Kansas. Je ne parle pas français, de sorte que peut être un problème. Il suffit de m'envoyer un courriel ou me trouver sur Facebook si vous avez besoin d'aide. Je doute que quelqu'un va me demander si, avec un tel post impressionnante dessus de moi. Lindon semble beaucoup plus professionnel que moi.


Thank you for your réponce! Continue to answer me because I still need help ^ ^

Hey !

I'm like Nessa92, i want learn english, because it is very bad! And my dream is speaking english like french!
I'm from France, and i can help you for learning french.
If you need some help, n'hésitez pas 😉 !!


i really want to help you (:
i learn english at school so i'm not that bad,but i really want to improve it!
i'm from Belgium and it would be really cool if i could speak fluent english like dutch!

Nina (: