What is your favourite book? English

Are you like to read?

Hum... I think mine is "And if only it were true.." by Marc Levy, so i think there are a lot of others which are really awesome!
And what about yours?

I really like reading. my favorite author is Stephenie Meyer, so I love the twilight's books 😁
and you ?

Hi! I love reading! My favourite book is "Queen of the South" by Arturo Perez-Reverte. It's an amazing story about Teresa Mendoza. Who is she? Read it - you'll know 😉 I heard that there will be movie based on this book. But I'm sure - it won't be better than book 😉

I like Stephenie Meyer and Gail Carson Levine

My favorite writer is definitly Victor Hugo... ♥

Every single book written by Terry Pratchett. You know, stuff that makes you laugh like crazy mustn't be bad for you, don't you think? 😃

I love to read! =) (But you, what is your favourite book Sasha?)
my best book is the trilogy by Bernard Werber, a french writter that i consider as one of the last true writor of our century! he is a genious! O.O (sorry pictures are big!😁)


But as i see you're Russian, i like too Andreï Kourkov, a ukrainian writor, really good! one of the best!😁

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The Underland Chronicles!!!

I love twilight's books 🙂
It's very romantic!

Le Comte de Mount-Crist || The Count Of Monte Cristo

Guys, if you like theater : Dom Juan, from Molière is a really good one. Funny and interesting, and not so long 😉
I think it'll be better to read it in French, but if you can't, no problem.
I'm trying to read Sheakespeare's Othello in English... Little bit hard 😛

Le Comte de Mount-Crist || The Count Of Monte Cristo
... 001_tt1 excellent! when i ask at this question, this name was not in my head, but yes! you quote an excellent book Hung Yen! (by A.Dumas) i have seen too an excellent interpretation with G.Depardieu and i was... the word don't exist in fact! XD it's really rare that i am too much captivate / fascinated by a book than i was when i read it!

And for Plume... everybody will say i'm an heretic! (and you will be true!) But i tried to read Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and i found it was not very good! XD

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I found it good. But not the "romantic's" side that everybody sees, but the"stupid's" side. Romeo is so stupid, really. xD If he was more attentive, he probably would saw that Juliet was not dead...

Yes it's true! XD stupid boy! ^.^

Hum, I like Oscar Wilde, Boris Vian, Frédéric Beigbeder and Robert Merle.
My favourite book is "Dorian Gray's portrait of O.Wilde !
It's really brilliant !

i like dracula, twilight and my favourite writter is elena p.melodia i think is italian 😃

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