which team will win today?(the word cup) English

what's your opinion

never heard of word cup 🙂

is some kind of scrabble ?

i think she means world cup.... (?

i'm so sorry .it's world cup~!not word cup~!

USA will win today. XP

I'mmm for Franceeee, but Englandd I'm going for todaay. This is their sport.

I'm for France and Germany.
But i think that Germany will be best than France.
Well, lets see ! 😉

England all the way!!! 😃

today is Germany's day... i can feel it

the usa disappointed me yesterday with the draw but i'm hopefill today

Hahahaha! English people, so cocky. Tieeee!
Gooo Australia! XP

Geerrrrmaaaannyyy : D

Hahaha. Australia, Australia, Australia. That was pretty damn bad. Bahaha.

USA on Fridayyyyyy!

😁^Britt you need to root for the home team girl! XP

Loool you righht, youuu righttt. I can't deny I did switch sides watching England vs. US

Holland just won!!!!!! 2-0!!!!! I knew it!!!!!

Lol. USA vs. Slovania(spelling???)

= winners USA


Slovenia .

UAS - Slovania - 1-1


USA - Slovenia = 2-1 (USA)